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Commissioner's Message

Creating More Fishing Opportunities

As a Georgia native, I was afforded the incredible opportunity to live in one of the most beautiful states with an abundance of natural resources and wildlife. I have always felt connected to nature with a passion for all outdoor recreation, whether it’s hunting, fishing, or simply taking a hike and exploring all that nature has to offer. Serving as the Commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources has blessed me with a chance to be in such a position to connect with and advocate for individuals who share the same passion for our natural resources.

Wetting a line is one of my favorite outdoor sports and one of the most popular outdoor sports for many fellow Georgians. With over 1 million anglers in Georgia, I am pleased that the love for fishing is vast and growing across our great state. DNR is working hard every day to accommodate and provide more access to fish and fishing opportunities for Georgia’s sportsmen and sportswomen. DNR’s expert biologists and technicians conduct a variety of regularly scheduled surveys to gather biological, distribution, habitat, and catch data that guides our efforts to grow populations of Georgia’s recreationally important species. The information gathered from our projects gives DNR the knowledge we need to make the best decisions on managing access and habitat. We stock our waters with more than five million sport fish annually from black bass to trout to walleye, which allows us to keep our lakes, rivers, and streams full of fish even as fishing demand increases.

However, none of this is possible without DNR’s unwavering community of supporters who push conservation and wildlife management efforts and help protect our wildlife; for them we are forever grateful. Your continuous support by simply buying a fishing license each year generates the large source of funds that allows us to continue conserving our natural resources and growing Georgia’s fishery. We appreciate every way you support us to fulfill DNR’s mission. I am excited to get on the water and hope to see you out there!

Mark Williams

Commissioner, Georgia Department of Natural Resources