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Turkey Hunting Regulations

Section 1. Authority.

This regulation is promulgated by authority of Wyoming Statute § 23-1-302.

Section 2. Hunting Regulations.

(a) No person shall apply for or receive more than one (1) license for a wild turkey during any one (1) season, except as otherwise provided in this regulation. The maximum bag limit for wild turkey for any person with the proper license shall not exceed one (1) wild turkey per license

(b) Issuance of Licenses. No person shall apply for or receive more than one (1) fall wild turkey license and one (1) spring wild turkey license in any calendar year. After the initial drawing is completed, a person may apply for and receive up to three (3) wild turkey licenses valid for each season, provided that at least two (2) of those licenses are Limited Quota Type 3 licenses. However, no person shall apply for and receive more than a total of three (3) wild turkey licenses valid for the fall season and no more than a total of three (3) wild turkey licenses valid for the spring season, except as authorized in Commission regulations.

(c) No person shall possess or use shot other than nontoxic shot for hunting wild turkeys with a shotgun on all of the lands in the Springer and Table Mountain Wildlife Habitat Management Areas and on all national wildlife refuges open for hunting.

(d) Evidence of Sex. During the spring season in those hunt areas limited to the taking of male wild turkeys or any wild turkey with a visible beard, a visible beard shall remain naturally attached to the carcass as a means of identification in the field and while the wild turkey is being transported.

Section 3. Archery Regulations.

Wild turkey may be taken with archery equipment during any open season in accordance with Section 2 of this Chapter.

Section 4. Hunt Area Descriptions.

Area and Number

Area 1. Black Hills. All of Crook County and that portion of Weston County north of U.S. Highway 16 or east of U.S. Highway 85.
Area 2. Central. That portion of Weston County south of U.S. Highway 16 and west of U.S. Highway 85; and all of Converse, Natrona and Niobrara counties.
Area 3. Powder River. All of Campbell, Johnson and Sheridan counties.
Area 4. Bighorn Basin. All of Big Horn, Hot Springs, Park and Washakie counties.
Area 5. South Central. All of Albany, Carbon, Fremont, Goshen, Laramie and Platte counties.

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