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Rhode Island



Licenses & Fees

License & Permits

License year: March. 1, 2023 - February 29, 2024

Fee (online)

Fee (at vendor)

Resident Hunting License (must be 15 years old)1



Resident Combination License (Hunting & Fishing)



Resident Junior Hunting License (12-14 years old)1



Permanent Resident Combination License (over 65 or disabled)

No fee2

No Fee

Resident Trapping License



Non-Resident Hunting License (must be 15 years old)1



Non-Resident Tourist Hunting License (3-day)



Non-Resident Junior Hunting License (12 -14 years old)1



Non-Resident Trapping License (if reciprocal privileges allowed)



Active Military Personnel Hunting License



Resident All Outdoors Deer Package Permit3



Resident Deer Permit4



Non-Resident Deer Permit4



Resident Turkey Permit



Non-Resident Turkey Permit



RI Game Bird Permit



State Waterfowl Stamp



Migratory Bird (H.I.P) Permit

No fee

No Fee

Hunting Licenses and Permits



Pheasant & Quail

Small Game (Coyote1, Fox, Squirrel, Rabbit, and Raccoon)

Morning Doves, Crows3, Woodcock, Snipe and Rails


Hunting License

Deer Permit2

Turkey Permit2

Game Bird Permit

HIP Permit

Federal Duck Stamp

State Duck Stamp

Licenses & Permits

No person shall hunt, pursue, take or kill any wild bird or animal in the state without first having obtained a Rhode Island hunting license (RIGL 20-13-1). Hunters must have a signed paper copy of their license and permits in possession, on their person, at all times and shall present it for inspection on demand by any authorized person. Failure to present a license shall make a person liable to the same penalties as if he or she was hunting without a license (RIGL 20-2-9). Licensed hunters and trappers are subject to inspection of any boat, vehicle, game bag, blind, stand, or other paraphernalia used in conjunction with licensed activity (RIGL 20-2-32). Licenses may be suspended or revoked because of violations of hunting rules and regulations (RIGL 20-2-13).

The possession of a valid Rhode Island hunting license, or combination hunting and fishing license, shall serve as a permit to hunt state management areas (RIGL 20-18-2 and 20-18-3), as well as on some TNC, and state co-op hunting areas, except when special permits are required for deer, waterfowl, or turkey hunting on state lands. These permits shall be valid only from the first day of season to the last day in February. The carrying of firearms on state management areas at any other time is prohibited. Hunting licenses are available online at, at the DEM Office of Boating Registration and Licenses at 235 Promenade St., Providence, RI 02908 (401) 222-3576, and from some sporting goods stores. Reprints of lost or damaged licenses are free through the online system. Purchases made at a full service vendor carry an Enhanced Access Fee (EAF) to offset the cost of administering the licensing system. The enhanced access fees are as follows:
  • Resident: $2 per license and $0.50 per permit
  • Non-Resident: $3 per license and $1.00 per permit
  • No EAF for Recreational Saltwater Fishing or No Cost Licenses and permits.

Migratory Bird Harvest Information Program (HIP)

All migratory bird hunters are required to obtain a HIP certification and answer a short survey. HIP permits are available free of charge through the online system, at license vendors, DEM Providence headquarters and the DEM Great Swamp Field Office. The HIP program provides state agencies and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service agencies with better data that improves their ability to manage our nation’s migratory bird resources.

  • All other users of State Management Areas and designated undeveloped State Parks, including but not limited to: hikers, bikers, and horseback riders are required to wear 200 square inches of solid daylight fluorescent orange from the second Saturday in September to the last day of February and the third Saturday in April to the last day in May.