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Rhode Island


How to Tag & Report Your Deer

The online licensing system has brought changes to tagging and reporting your deer harvest that all hunters should be aware of. Before you leave the house or license vendor, sign your hunting license and deer tags! Now you will not need a pen until you report your harvest online or over the phone! Before heading afield, grab a zip tie or string along with a durable plastic bag and put your license and tags inside the bag to protect them from the elements!

1. Bag It!

Congratulations on your successful deer harvest!

2. Tag It!

Your tag must be notched (day, hour and month of harvest) before moving the deer for photos, field dressing or to leave the woods.

Per Rhode Island Law, the notched tag must be affixed to and remain with the carcass. Use care to securely affix the tag so that the tag will not be lost when removing the deer from the woods or transporting to a check station, butcher or your home.

HELPFUL TIP: It is recommended to place your tag in a durable, clear plastic bag (Ziploc bag) to make sure your tag will not rip, tear, or become illegible from water, blood or dirt. Consider rolling up the bag with the tag inside, and placing it inside the deer’s ear and tie the ear shut with a piece of string or zip tie. Reminder: The notched tag must remain affixed to the deer at all times until the deer has been prepared for taxidermy or consumption.

3. Report It!

Use your QR reader on your smartphone to scan your permit, or go to:

  • You must report your deer harvest within 24 hours. If you do not have internet or cellular data access to report your deer harvest, you may call the Division of Fish and Wildlife at (401) 789-0281 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday-Friday to report your harvest.
  • Once on the harvest reporting site, you will be asked a few questions to determine the age and sex of the animal, the location and method of harvest and information about your time afield.
  • When you are finished reporting your deer online or over the phone, you will be given a harvest report confirmation number. This number confirms that you have reported your harvest. Write the number on your tag and keep the tag affixed to the deer until prepared for taxidermy or consumption.

REMINDER: All deer taken during Nov. 6 & 7 and Dec. 4 & 5 must be physically checked, except those taken on Patience, Prudence, and Block Islands.

Deer tag securely fastened inside ear with zip-tie.

Deer tag protected in plastic bag and securely fastened to leg with electrical tape.