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How to Tag & Report Your Turkey

DEM launched the online hunting and fishing licensing system in 2018. In addition to using this system to purchase licenses, permits and tags electronically, you will also use this system to report your harvests. The following shows you how to properly tag and report your wild turkey harvest!

1. Bag It!

Two turkey hunters with their turkeys

Photo by Desmos Photo

Congratulations on your successful harvest!

2. Tag It!

Turkey hunter attaching tag to turkey

Photo by Desmos Photo

Your tag must be notched (day, month and hour of harvest) before moving the bird for photos or to leave the woods!

  • The notched tag and turkey must remain in your possession when removing the turkey from the field.
  • If you must leave the field prior to removing the turkey (to return gear to your vehicle or dwelling); the notched tag must be attached to and remain with the carcass.

3. Report It!

Use your smart phone or desktop computer to report your harvest at:

  • Measure the beard and spurs:
    • Beard less than 6" and spurs less than 0.5" = Jake
    • Beard longer than 6" and spurs longer than 0.5" = Tom
    • No beard or spurs = Hen (fall archery season only!)
  • You must report your harvest by midnight on the day of the harvest.
  • If you do not have internet or cellular data access to report your turkey harvest, you may call the Division of Fish and Wildlife at (401) 789-0281 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. M-F to report your harvest.
  • Write your harvest report confirmation number on your tag and keep the tag with your turkey until prepared for taxidermy or consumption.

Questions: Call the Division of Fish and Wildlife (401) 789-0281 or email [email protected].