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North Carolina


Disabled Sportsman Program

General Information

The Wildlife Resources Com­mission has established increased access and opportunities for persons with disabilities to hunt on agency game lands and other lands. A brief description and the quali­fica­tions for each are provided below. To obtain an application, visit, call 888-248-6834, or write to NCWRC, Disabled Sportsman Program, 1707 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, N.C. 27699-1700. For specific informa­tion on disabled hunt opportunities, visit

Disabled Access Permit

The Disabled Access Permit authorizes persons with limited physical mobility to operate vehi­­cles, including ATVs, on any Commission-maintained road open for vehicular travel only, those trails posted for vehicular travel and on open gated or ungated roads, otherwise closed to vehicular traffic on game lands listed in the Disabled Access Program, and allows access to special hunting blinds designated for hunters with dis­abilities. See General Game Lands Regulations for a list of game lands or designated areas within a game land in which this permit is valid. This permit does not allow operation of vehicles on closed roads on game lands unless the game land is listed in the Disabled Access Program. The disabled hunter will be issued a companion and vehicle access card. One companion may accompany the disabled hunter, provided that person possesses the companion card. This permit is valid as long as the qualifying disability per­sists. This permit is not a license. It does not authorize hunting, fishing, or trapping activities. There is no fee associated with this permit.


Com­petent medical evidence must be submitted indicating that a disability exists that limits physical mobility, to the extent that nor­mal utilization of the game lands is not possible without vehicular assistance.

Within the national forests in North Carolina, off highway vehicles (OHVs) are permitted only on designated routes. For more infor­mation about areas managed by the U.S. Forest Service, includ­ing the Nantahala, Pisgah, Croatan and Uwharrie National Forests, visit

Disabled Sportsman Hunt Certification

The Disabled Sportsman Hunt Certification is a medical certifi­ca­tion used to establish eligibility for participation in disabled hunt opportunities. This certification is only necessary when the applicant does not possess a lifetime disabled veteran or totally disabled license. This certification is not a license; there­fore, a valid hunting license, in addition to the hunt permit, is required when participating in a disabled hunt opportunity. There is no fee for this certification. For a list of disabled hunt opportunities, visit


Medical certification in one of the following disabilities:

  • Missing fifty percent (50 percent) or more of one or more limbs, whether by amputation or natural causes;
  • Paralysis of one or more limbs;
  • Dysfunction of one or more limbs rendering the individual unable to perform the task of grasping and lifting with the hands and arms or unable to walk without mechanical assistance, other than a cane;
  • Disease, injury or impairment confining the individual to a wheel­chair, walker or crutches;
  • Legal deafness.

This certification shall remain valid as long as the qualifying disability persists.