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North Carolina


Welcome to 2021-22 North Carolina Fishing

What's New

As part of the Commission’s ongoing effort to keep you informed, we reserve this page of the digest each year to identify significant regulatory, legislative and agency-related changes that you should be aware of each season. Please note that the information found on this page is not a complete list of regulation changes. For your convenience, all regulation changes appear throughout the digest in RED.

Following is a list of significant changes for the 2021–2022 season:

Inland Fishing

  • Public Mountain Trout Waters: Reduced regulatory complexity by combining the two-existing Public Mountain Trout Waters catch-and-release classifications (Catch and Release/Artificial Flies Only Trout Waters and Catch and Release/Artificial Lures Only Trout Waters) into a single classification, Catch and Release/Artificial Flies and Lures Only Trout Waters.
  • Possession of Certain Fishes: It is now unlawful to possess, transport, purchase, sell, or stock an additional sixteen species of exotic fish, crayfish, and aquatic snail in the public of private waters or North Carolina.