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Welcome to 2022-23 North Carolina Fishing

North Carolina Fishing Regulations Cover

What's New

As part of the Commission’s ongoing effort to keep you informed, we reserve this page of the digest each year to identify significant regulatory, legislative and agency-related changes that you should be aware of each season. Please note that the information found on this page is not a complete list of regulation changes. For your convenience, all regulation changes appear throughout the digest in RED.

Inland Fishing

  • The Commission has initiated rulemaking for the following species in inland fishing waters:
    • Atlantic Croaker
    • Black Drum
    • Bluefish
    • Cobia
    • King Mackerel
    • Striped Mullet & White Mullet
    • Sharks
    • Sheepshead
    • Spanish Mackerel
    • Spot
    • Tarpon

At the time that this publication went to print, proposed rule changes were pending legislative review. Any updates concerning seasons, size, and creel limits will be posted at as they become available.


  • A collection licenses is required for the take, possession, or transportation of four or more individual snapping turtles. No more than 10 snapping turtles may be taken per person per day (100 turtles per person per year) and turtles must have a minimum curved carapace length of at least 13 inches. No more than 15 trapping devices may be set per license and devices must be labeled with a waterproof tag showing the licensee’s name, WRC customer number or collection license number. Traps must be checked daily.
  • Collection Licenses for snapping turtles are only available to North Carolina residents.