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Crosley FWA, a Squirrel Hunter’s Dream

Nestled in the rolling hills of southeastern Indiana, Crosley Fish & Wildlife Area (FWA) is a property uniquely suited for squirrel hunting; approximately 80% of its 4,288 acres are forested.

Squirrels thrive in the mature upland forests that wind along the Muscatatuck River and foster diverse tree species. Nut-bearing trees such as the oak, hickory, and walnut at Crosley FWA provide food for squirrels, which also use the leaves and hollowed-out tree trunks for nesting.

Indiana DNR maintains these contiguous stands of nut and berry-producing trees through various management practices to make the habitat more desirable to squirrels. One involves clearing the forest of invasive and less-desirable species of trees, shrubs, and vines, which creates more opportunities for such trees to grow and germinate.

Staff also do single-tree selection harvest, which involves cutting down one large, mast-producing tree in a group of other similar trees so more light can reach the forest floor to produce the next generation of mast-producing trees. Another method used to achieve this goal is girdling large trees, which also increases the number of standing dead trees that squirrels can use for nesting.

The fun of squirrel hunting can’t be discussed without bringing up squirrel dogs. Many hunters say the enjoyment that comes from seeing one work is unsurpassed by any other form of hunting.

Crosley FWA’s Unit E (the dog running area allotted for out-of-season training) is an excellent place to train squirrel dogs throughout the year, do preseason scouting for squirrels, or relax in the woods with friends while watching your dogs work.

Squirrel hunting and running dogs on Crosley FWA requires a one-day access permit, which you can get through self-service check-in at the office at 2010 S. State Road 3 in North Vernon.

Because a portion of squirrel season coincides with deer season, the wearing of hunter orange is required from Nov. 1 – Jan. 31.

See or call 812-346-5596 for more information.

Visit a Fish & Wildlife Area

The Division of Fish & Wildlife manages public lands so Indiana’s fish, wildlife, and habitats can thrive and benefit present and future generations of Hoosiers.

At a Fish & Wildlife Area (FWA) you can:

  • Hunt and trap
  • Fish
  • Enjoy shooting sports
  • View wildlife and practice wildlife photography
  • Walk in nature
  • Enjoy scenic views

Check in is required for all hunters, range users, and dog runners prior to entering the field. Camping is also available at Glendale, J.E. Roush Lake, and Willow Slough FWAs. To plan a visit and learn more about FWAs, go to