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Responsible Angling Practices

Indiana’s Responsible Anglers CAST!

In addition to mastering fishing techniques and skills, anglers must know responsible angling practices. A responsible angler is someone who can Catch and handle fish properly, Allow space for everyone, Stick their trash and plastics in the proper bins, and Train up on fish identification and regulations.

Catch and handle fish properly. Don’t keep fish out of the water too long. Use barbless hooks when practicing catch-and-release. Handle fish with care, supporting them with two hands, one by the mouth and the other under the belly. Don’t hold the fish vertically by the jaw, as this can hurt the fish. Don’t handle them for too long. Gently place fish back in the water after a short time.

Allow space for others; don’t overcrowd. Many anglers enjoy the solitude of a quiet river, while others enjoy time outside with their families. Make it clear that all are welcome in the outdoors, regardless of their background.

Stick trash and plastics, especially fishing line that can’t be used again, in a proper trash or recycling bin. Leftover fishing line can tangle boat propellers and injure or kill wildlife that may accidentally consume it.

Train up on fish identification and regulations in the area. If you can’t identify a catch, it’s best to release it using the guidelines above. Consider carrying a digital or physical copy of your fishing license as well as this guidebook in your tackle box.

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