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Fish & Wildlife Directory

State of Delaware

John C. Carney

Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control

Shawn M. Garvin


Division of Fish and Wildlife

David E. Saveikis


Advisory Council on Wildlife and Freshwater Fish:

Edward A. Montague, Chair

Garrett L. Grier, Jr., Vice Chair

J. Neal Dukes

Nathan R. Hudson

Joe C. Johnson

Stephen M. Kendus

Linda Parkowski

Dale R. Scuse

F. Thomas Unruh


Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife

Main Office – Richardson and Robbins Building,

89 Kings Highway, Dover, Delaware 19901

Open 8:00 A.M. – 4:30 P.M. – Mon. thru Fri.
except on Holidays

Wildlife Management Section – 302-739-9912

Wildlife Regional Offices

Region 1 - Augustine WA,
New Castle County - 302-834-8433

Region 2 - Norman G. Wilder WA,
Kent County - 302-284-4795

Region 3 - Assawoman WA,
Sussex County - 302-539-3160

Species Conservation and Research Program – 302-735-3600 x 2

Wildlife Lottery/Check Stations

Little Creek - 302-739-4610

Cedar Swamp - 302-653-8080

Woodland Beach - 302-653-4802

Augustine - 302-836-7294

Assawoman - 302-539-3160

Hunter Education – 302-735-3600 x 1

Ommelanden Range – 302-601-6267

Recreational Licensing Section

License information for fishing, hunting, trapping, Conservation Access Pass, and Charter/Head Boats - 302-739-9918

Boat Registration, Boat Ramp Certificates and Commercial Fisheries Information - 302-739-9916

Fish and Wildlife Natural Resources Police

Natural Resources Police
24 Hr. Dispatch - .1-800-523-3336

Main Office - 302-739-9913

Office of Boating Safety
and Education - 302-739-9915

New Castle County - 302-836-4682

Kent County - 302-739-6139

Sussex County - 302-855-1901

Operation Game Theft – 1-800-292-3030

Federal Wildlife Information–U.S. Department of the Interior

Enforcement U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Office,
70 Sarah Circle, Suite F Camden, DE 19934 - 302-697-1612

Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge, near Smyrna - 302-653-9345

Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge, near Milton - 302-684-8419

Delaware Bayshore Initiative

Rich Natural Resources

The Delaware Bayshore is recognized as an area of global ecological significance for its expansive coastal habitats and abundant wildlife and fish found throughout the region. The wild and scenic beauty of the area draws people to the Bayshore for recreational activities such as hunting, fishing, birding, boating, kayaking and other forms of ecotourism.

Delaware Bayshore Initiative

The Delaware Bayshore Initiative is geared toward conserving the area’s natural lands and waters, while also preserving the agricultural and maritime character of the landscape. The Initiative seeks to encourage Delawareans and visitors to pursue outdoor adventures along the Bayshore by enhancing access and outdoor recreation opportunities on public lands while protecting sensitive species and habitats. The Initiative is also working to strengthen the area’s towns and communities by encouraging local economic development, improving visitor facilities and promoting volunteerism and environmental education.

Bayshore Facility Enhancement Projects

  • Augustine WA – New Access Road Construction for Selby and Shilling Tracts along Thousand Acre Marsh
  • Ted Harvey CA – Access Road Stabilization and Improvements

Bayshore Restoration Projects

  • Augustine WA – Selby and Shilling Tract Meadow Restoration and Reforestation
  • Augustine Creek – Water Control Structure Condition Evaluation and Restoration Alternatives

Bayshore Recreation Projects

  • Aquatic Resources Education Center – New Canoe/Kayak Launch Area for Pond Fishing Access
  • Ted Harvey CA – Planning for Two New Wildlife Observation Platforms
  • Milford Neck WA – Planning for a Short Interpretive Trail and Wildlife Observation Area

Operation Game Theft Information

What is “Operation Game Theft”?

The Operation Game Theft Fund was established by the 130th General Assembly to assist in the apprehension and conviction of game law violators. The fund is comprised of all the fines levied for violation of game laws in this state and donations. The Legislature delegated the authority to the Division of Fish and Wildlife to designate offenses for which rewards will be paid and the amount of the reward.

What types of offenses are covered under the O.G.T. Program?

Up to $1,000.00 can be rewarded for information leading to the arrest and conviction of a person(s) involved in:

Class 1 – Reward up to $1,000.00

  1. Commercialization of Wildlife.
  2. Killing of an endangered/threatened species.

Class 2 – Reward up to $500.00

  1. Over limit of black ducks, canvasbacks, turkeys or Canada geese.
  2. Poisoning wildlife.
  3. Interstate transportation of illegally taken wildlife.
  4. Gross over limits of wildlife.
  5. Illegally hunting or trapping on a state game refuge.
  6. Hunting/Trapping out of season.
  7. Possessing, tending or setting killer traps with a jaw spread in excess of 5 inches.
  8. Illegally hunting at night.

Class 3 – Reward: up to $100.00

  1. Hunting with an illegal type of weapon.
  2. Hunting from a motor vehicle.

Note: An additional $100 reward will be given by the Delaware Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone illegally killing a wild turkey in Delaware.

How do I get paid?

You will be paid in cash by the agent to whom you gave your name.

Will my identity be confidential?


Will I get paid for any information that I provide?

No. Only information which leads to the arrest and conviction of a violator. (Specific offenses covered)

To report game law violations call: