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Essential News & Reminders

Direct Supervision Of Hunters Under The Age Of 18

Recently, Delaware state laws were changed as it relates to possession of certain firearms. Some of those changes were associated with hunting. See Licensing & Permits for additional information.

Hunter Education Verification

For information about verifying your hunter education certification when purchasing a license, please see Licensing & Permits.

Conservation Access Pass

All registered motor vehicles used to access State Wildlife Areas must have a Conservation Access Pass. A Pass will be issued free to hunters, if requested, with the purchase of a hunting license. See Licensing & Permits for more information. Delaware residents over the age of 65 may purchase a one-time, lifetime, Conservation Access Pass. See Licensing & Permits for more information.

Feral Swine Regulations

It shall be unlawful to release swine (pigs) into the wild, charge a fee for the purpose of killing swine, or shoot swine without first obtaining a permit from the Division.

Falconry Seasons (Hunting With the Aid of a Falcon)

For falconry season dates and bag limits, please contact the Division of Fish and Wildlife at 302-735-3600.

License Exempt Hunters

License Exempt Hunters Icon

Hunters and trappers that are license exempt are required to obtain an annual License Exempt Number (LEN) at no cost. Hunters can obtain a LEN by visiting a license agent or by visiting LENs will no longer be issued through the toll-free Hunter and Trapper Registration phone system.

See Licensing & Permits for more information.

Hunter Registration System

Hunter Registration System Icon

Hunters and trappers that need to register a harvested deer or obtain a HIP Number, or Snow Goose Conservation Order Permit Number may do so by visiting or by calling the toll free number 1-855-DEL-HUNT (1-855-335-4868). If you have problems with this system, call 302-735-3600 or 302-739-9918 during normal business hours (8:00a.m. - 4:30p.m.) Monday - Friday.

Rules For Treestands, and Ground Blinds

All hunters that install temporary tree stands or ground blinds on State Wildlife Areas are required to obtain a free registration number. See Public Lands Hunting & Trapping for more information.

New Rules For Trail Cameras On Public Land

Trail cameras may not be deployed on public lands including State Wildlife Areas, State Parks, State Forests, and National Wildlife Refuges. Any trail cameras found on public land will be removed and confiscated. Trail cameras may continue to be used on private lands.

Delaware State Duck And Goose Calling Championships

Each July, the annual Delaware State Duck and Goose Calling Championships are held during the Delaware State Fair in Harrington, DE. Join the Division of Fish and Wildlife on Saturday, July 22, for the junior and senior calling contests, which will be held at the Fairgrounds’ Hertrich Plaza in front of the Grandstand. Registration begins at 9 a.m. and prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. This will be a “hunting style” event. For more information, please call 302-739-9910.