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Welcome to 2021-22 Delaware Hunting

Delaware Director of fish and game

Past and current hunters and trappers have sustained our hunting and trapping traditions and been at the forefront of wildlife conservation. Continuing this success depends on engaging and recruiting new hunters and trappers, with young hunters and trappers important for the future of hunting, trapping and wildlife conservation.

Involving youth in hunting and trapping will provide them a rewarding lifetime passion and is a needed investment in continuing the tradition of these sports and habitat conservation to support a variety of wildlife and quality hunting opportunities. So, pay it forward by taking youth hunting or trapping; you will be glad you did.

To help engage and recruit youth hunters, the Division of Fish & Wildlife has established special hunting days available only to youth for deer, waterfowl and turkey hunting. Check the Youth Hunting Information page of this guide for youth hunting season dates and more youth hunting information.

The Division and its dedicated and passionate staff are committed to providing quality hunting and trapping opportunities and experiences, now and for the future, as We Bring You Delaware’s Great Outdoors through Science and Service. Stay connected with us through social media and our web page noted on the cover of this guide.

Whether hunting or trapping with youth, long-time friends or solo, have a successful, enjoyable and safe hunting and trapping season.

David E. Saveikis - Director