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Welcome to 2023-24 Delaware Hunting

2023 Delaware Hunting Regulations Cover
Patrick Emory

With the coming of fall and the great migration of waterfowl comes the age-old tradition of hunting with family and friends. Whether it’s deer, rabbit or waterfowl the excitement of going that first day rivals getting up on Christmas morning as a child. The ability to spend this time with family and friends only increases the excitement.

This tradition is no different for me and my family, and the last couple years its only become grander as four generations of us are now hunting together. I have been afforded the gift to be able to hunt with my father, 92 years young, along with my son and my grandson. Experiencing this time-honored tradition, spending time in a duck blind, swapping stories of hunts gone by and teaching my grandson not only the traditions and knowledge of hunting, but also the importance of sharing these experiences with family and friends.

When you go out this season take a family member or a friend and share the experience of hunting and the great outdoors. It’s not about the bag limit, but the comradery and enjoying nature at her best. Pass the tradition to the next generation and the great appreciation you have for Delaware’s natural resources.

The Division of Fish and Wildlife provides numerous opportunities for you to hunt on approximately 68,000 acres of public lands throughout the state. The wildlife areas featured on Public Lands Hunting & Trapping offer a variety of diverse hunting opportunities. Take the time to experience what Delaware’s Division of Fish and Wildlife has to offer you.

I wish you all the best and have a safe and exciting hunting season.

Patrick J. Emory - Director