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Wyoming Cutt-Slam

Wyoming Cutt Slam

Created in 1996, the Wyoming Cutt-Slam program helps anglers learn more about Wyoming’s cutthroat trout subspecies and increases appreciation for the efforts to enhance and conserve this precious resource.

To participate In the Cutt-Slam, all you need to do is hit the road and catch each of the four cutthroat trout subspecies in their native range in Wyoming. Send us a clear photo with the date and location of catch in our online application

To find out where to catch each subspecies, visit the interactive Cutt-Slam fishing map on our web page.

The Cutthroat Trout Native Range

Once your Cutt-Slam is verified, you will receive a color certificate featuring all four subspecies, a decal to advertise your accomplishment and a medallion provided by a partnership with Wyoming Trout Unlimited.

For more information and to see photos from past participants, check out our Cutt-Slam web page at