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Welcome to 2022 Vermont Hunting & Trapping

2022 Vermont Hunting Regulations Cover

A Special Message from the Commissioner

Vermont Commissioner

As I write this, we are transitioning from early autumn to the beginning of a Vermont winter. The leaves which remain are colorful but mostly on the ground and days are getting shorter and the wind is just a bit sharper.

This transition is emblematic of my own into the role of Commissioner of the Department of Fish and Wildlife. Just as the seasons are inevitable in Vermont so is the change in our lives. This change for me is both challenging and exciting as it allows me to be part of an organization dedicated to protection of our habitats, our wildlife and outdoor activities that are part of the fabric of Vermont.

I look back fondly on the times spent in nature as I both taught and learned about the outdoors with my children. Seeing the expression as your son lands his first rainbow trout or that of your daughter as we listen together to the owl making is presence known are just a few of the magnificent opportunities offered by Vermont’s varied and valuable habitats.

These treasures exist due to the hard work and expertise of the biologists and other fish and wildlife professionals who are dedicated to protecting those lands and wildlife that inhabit them as they are held in trust for all Vermonters. Together we can ensure this is all here for the future generations to appreciate.

Be safe, respectful, and kind.

Christopher Herrick, Commissioner