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It is Unlawful to

  • Hunt or take deer, bear, turkeys or waterfowl with bait
  • Feed deer or bear
  • Pick up carcasses of protected wildlife
  • Take game except with a gun, bow and arrow, or crossbow
  • Set or use a snare
  • Set or use any device to discharge a firearm for the purpose of taking any wild animal
  • Take waterfowl, wild turkeys, or moose with the aid of an electronic calling device
  • Use dogs to hunt deer or moose
  • Use laser sights for hunting
  • Cast the rays of a light in order to spot, locate, take or attempt to take any wild animal. The only exception is for raccoon hunting with a dog and only after the raccoon has been treed.
  • Use planes, helicopters, or unmanned aerial drones to scout for game, hunt, or assist in hunting.