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Turkey Hunting Seasons & Bag Limits

2024 Spring Turkey Hunting Seasons & Bag Limits



Bag Limit


(Private and authorized state and federal public lands; youth 15 and under.)

March 8 - 14

See Spring season for bag limit.


(Nonresidents subject to special regulations, see below)

March 15 - May 1

One (1) adult gobbler or 1 gobbler with a 6-inch or longer beard per day, 3 per Spring season. Hunters 15 years of age and younger may harvest 1 gobbler of choice (any age) per day, 3 per spring season.

Non-residents Turkey Hunting on Public Lands: Non-residents cannot hunt any public land in Mississippi before April 1 unless drawn for either a Non-resident Public Lands Turkey Permit or WMA Draw Hunt. See for application dates and more information.

Reporting Your Turkey Harvests

By reporting your turkey harvests, you will aid the future of wild turkey conservation in Mississippi. Reporting through the MDWFP Game Check system is quick and easy, and it is MANDATORY for ALL TURKEY HUNTERS. The basics of Game Check are outlined below.

Step 1. Before You Go Hunting

Obtain a hunting license (unless exempt) and harvest record. Two types of harvest records are acceptable, a digital record or a printed form. Digital record keeping may be done through the Game Check feature found within the free MDWFP app. Register in the app and it will be your official harvest record. If you prefer a printed form, the form below will suffice.

Step 2. When You Harvest A Turkey

The reporting process must begin BEFORE you move the turkey from its harvest location. Using the Game Check feature, click the REPORT TURKEY button and complete and submit an entry. If there is no cellular coverage where you hunt, the app will automatically upload your harvest when coverage resumes. Using the printed form method, notch the corresponding month bubbles.

Step 3. After You Hunt

Using the Game Check feature, you have no additional requirements. Using the printed form, you must report the harvest through the MDWFP website or by calling 1-800-BE-SMART before 10 p.m. on the day of harvest.

There are Three Ways to Report:

1. - MDWFP app
2. - Online at
3. - Call 1-800-BE-SMART

Once you complete the harvest-reporting process, you will receive a confirmation number. This number must be documented on the harvest record.