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Fishing Licenses & Fees

Fishing licenses

  • Any combination (married couple) type license requires each spouse to have a complete customer record on file. MN residents without a complete customer record should visit a license agent or call our license center to verify their residency.
  • Resident youth younger than 16 do not need a fishing license.
  • There is a $1 agent fee (added to the cost of the license) associated with each license or stamp sold, including some free licenses.
  • Purchase online at:
  • Duplicate licenses and stamps can be purchased from any Electronic License System (ELS) agent for $2.50 each.
  • License year begins March 1 and ends the last day of February unless otherwise noted.
  • Fish house, dark house or shelter licenses are valid March 1 to April 30 the following year (or 3-year period).
  • A fishing license continues to be valid for the balance of the license period if the licensee’s age, residency, or student qualification status changes.
  • Super Sports licenses include: 50 cents for wolf management; 50 cents for emergency feeding and wild cervidae-deer health management; $1 deer/bear management account; and $2 for deer management.
  • In the table below, the 3-digit code refers to the license identification code.

Resident Angling Licenses

Resident licensesCodeLicenseDescriptionFee
Resident Individual Age 16 and 17
138Youth Annual (Age 16 and 17)Youth Individual Angling
(exempt from trout/salmon stamp and spearing license)
Resident Individual Ages 18
through 89
111Adult AnnualIndividual Angling$25
11024-hourIndividual Angling (no trout/salmon stamp required) Consecutive 24-hour$12
14072-hourIndividual Angling (no trout/salmon stamp required) Consecutive 72-hour$14
1413-yearIndividual Angling Consecutive 3-years$71
105½ Bag Limit ConservationIndividual Angling ½ bag limits$17
216SportsIndividual Angling and Small Game$41
142Super SportsIndividual Angling including trout/ salmon stamp, Small Game including pheasant and state waterfowl stamps, a deer tag (archery, firearms or muzzleloader)$100
Additional Options
134Walleye Stamp ValidationVoluntary Donation$5
135 Pictorial Stamp mailed+ 75
128Trout/Salmon Stamp (required for anglers age 18-64; see
page 17 for
Individual Trout and Salmon Validation (required for designated trout streams and lakes, Lake Superior and to harvest trout)$10
129 Pictorial Stamp mailed+ 75
150Recreational TurtleRequired to harvest turtles$25
130Sturgeon TagRequired to harvest a sturgeon$5
113Spearing AnnualIndividual Dark House spearing (required for ages 18 through 89)$6
119House or Shelter AnnualFish House, Dark House, or Shelter, see page 71 for details$15
131House or Shelter 3-yearFish House, Dark House, or Shelter, see page 71 for details$42
120House or Shelter Rented AnnualFish House, Dark House, or Shelter, see page 71 for details$30
132House or Shelter Rented 3-yearFish House, Dark House, or Shelter, see page 71 for details$87
115NettingWhitefish and cisco (tullibee) Lakes open to sport gillnetting, the seasons and regulations are online at fishing or by calling the DNR Information Center.$10
Resident Married Couple
112Married Combination AnnualMarried Couple Angling, each person may have their own possession limit.$40
½ Bag Limit Conservation Combination
Married ½ bag limit Conservation Combination, each person may keep half their regular limit.$27
217Married Combination Sports2 Angling and 1 Small Game
Continued on ne
xt page
Resident Married Couple Continued
143Married Combination Super SportsA combination angling license including 2 trout/salmon stamps, and for the primary licensee an individual small game including pheasant and state waterfowl stamps and a single individual deer tag (archery, firearm or muzzleloader)$126
Resident Individual
Application available at licenses/lifetime
411Lifetime AnglingRenewalFREE
Age 3 and younger$344
Age 4 to 15$469
Age 16 to 50$574
Age 51 and older$379
407Lifetime Angling and SpearingRenewalFREE
Age 3 and younger$432
Age 4 to 15$579
Age 16 to 50$678
Age 51 and older$439
413Lifetime Sports (spearing option available but not included)RenewalFREE
Age 3 and younger$522
Age 4 to 15$710
Age 16 to 50$927
Age 51 and older$603


    Take a Mom Fishing Weekend—May 11-12, 2024 Minnesota resident moms may fish without a license.

    Take a Kid Fishing Weekend—June 7-9, 2024 Minnesota residents 16 and older may fish without a license if they're with children younger than 16.

    Take a Kid Ice Fishing Weekend—January 18-20, 2025 Minnesota residents 16 and older may fish without a license if they're with children youngerthan 16.

    Nonresident Angling Licenses

    A $5 surcharge on nonresident licenses is included with the applicable fee. Nonresident youth under age 16, check below.

    Nonresident angling licenseCodeLicenseDescriptionFee
    Nonresident Individual age 16 and 17
    205Youth Annual age 16 and 17Youth Individual Angling (exempt from trout/salmon stamp and spearing license). Youth under age 16 may purchase to possess own limit.$5
    Nonresident Individual age 18 and over
    AnnualIndividual Angling$51
    13924-hourIndividual Angling (no trout/salmon stamp required) Consecutive 24-hour$14
    12772-hourIndividual Angling (no trout/salmon stamp required) Consecutive 72-hour$36
    1267-DayIndividual Angling, Consecutive 7-day$43
    Nonresident additional options
    134Walleye Stamp ValidationVoluntary Donation$5
    135 Pictorial stamp mailed+ 75
    Stamp (required for anglers age 18-64)
    Individual Trout and Salmon
    129 Pictorial stamp mailed+ 75
    130Sturgeon TagRequired to harvest a sturgeon$5
    118Spearing Annual
    Age 18 and over
    Individual Dark House Spearing
    (angling license required)
    116House or Shelter
    Fish House, Dark House, or
    Shelter, see page 71 for details
    117House or Shelter
    Fish House, Dark House, or
    Shelter, see page 71 for details
    133House or Shelter
    Fish House, Dark House, or
    Shelter, see page 71 for details
    Nonresident Married Couple
    124Combination Annual Family1 or both parents and dependent children under age 16. Enables
    each person to keep a limit.
    125Combination 14-DayMarried Couple Consecutive 14-Day Angling$54
    Nonresident Individual
    415Lifetime AnglingRenewalFree
    Application Age 3 and under$821
    available at Age 4 to age 15$1,046
    Age 16 to age 50$1,191
    Age 51 and over$794

    Electronic Licensing Information

    The Electronic Licensing System (ELS) issues licenses and stamp validations through 1,400 license agent locations statewide. Agents charge an issuing fee for each license and stamp sold.

    Instant Licenses

    Customers may purchase instant licenses and stamp validations online or by telephone at 888-665-4236. An additional convenience fee is added for sales via the website or telephone (see website for details). A self-printed or electronic license is sufficient proof of licensing. Lake sturgeon harvest tags may not be purchased online.

    Lifetime Licenses

    First-time purchase of lifetime licenses is only available at the DNR License Center in St. Paul. Application forms are available online or through the DNR Information Center 888-646-6367. A lifetime license holder who is required by law to have a game and fish license, must authorize their participation by obtaining an annual license renewal each year the lifetime license is used. These annual licenses are issued at no fee. Visit for more information.

    Conservation Licenses

    • Conservation Licenses are available only to residents of Minnesota.
    • Daily and possession limits are half of what can be taken with a standard angling license. Fractions are rounded down to next whole number (see page 20 for list).
    • People bowfishing, spearing, or using other approved harvest methods under a Conservation License are limited to one half of the daily and possession limit for that method.
    • Sturgeon harvest tag may not be used with a Conservation License

    Trout/Salmon Stamp

    Trout/salmon stamp validations are printed on the ELS license. This is the only verification needed to prove purchase of the trout/salmon stamp. Purchasers may request the actual pictorial stamp for an additional 75 cents. Except as noted, anglers need a Minnesota trout/salmon

    2024 Trout Stamp, Dean Kegler

    Walleye Stamp

    • Purchase of a walleye stamp is voluntary; it is not needed for fishing.
    • Revenues from the sale of walleye stamps are used for stocking walleyes purchased from the private sector.
    • Walleye stamp validations are printed on the ELS license. Purchasers may request the actual pictorial stamp for an additional 75 cents.


    Do I need a fishing license?

    To legally fish in Minnesota, all residents of Minnesota, age 16 through 89, must have a current Minnesota fishing license unless an exemption applies(see below “Who doesn’t need a fishing license?”). You must carry your license when fishing or traveling from an area where you were fishing. Allnonresidents need a license except those younger than 16 do not need a license if a parent or guardian is licensed. More details can be found on page20.

    Did you buy a 3-year license in 2021?

    Three-year angling licenses bought in 2021 are due for renewal.

    Who is a resident?

    • To qualify as a resident, a person must maintain a legal residence in Minnesota for at least 60 consecutive days before purchasing a license.
    • Residents 21 years of age or older must provide a current Minnesota driver’s license or Minnesota public safety ID card or have a receipt for anapplication for a Minnesota driver’s license or Minnesota public safety ID that is at least 60 days old.
    • A nonresident under age 21 whose parent is a Minnesota resident.
    • New residents must visit a license agent location or call our Licensing office to have their residency updated before qualifying for resident rates.
    • Tribal members with an unexpired Tribal ID, with a Minnesota address, who do not hold a driver’s license or state ID in any state, and who have notaccepted resident hunting, fishing, or trapping licenses in any other state in the previous 60 days.

    Who is a nonresident?

    Nonresidents include anyone who does not meet the definition of a resident.

    Who doesn’t need a fishing license?

    • Residents younger than 16, or residents 90 and older.
    • Minnesota residents enlisted in the U.S. Armed Forces, stationed outside the state, and home on leave (you must carry leave or furlough paperswhile fishing or transporting fish).
    • Minnesota residents who have served in federal active service outside the U.S. during the preceding 24 months who are now discharged fromoverseas duty (must carry discharge papers while fishing or transporting fish).
    • Anyone not requiring a license is allowed to keep a possession limit of fish.

    Am I eligible for a free fishing license?

    Anglers who meet certain qualifications can obtain a free license ( regulations/fishing/exemptions) if they are:

    • Foreign exchange students with proof of foreign exchange student status. Available from any agent.
    • Residents 16 and older who have a developmental disability or veterans with a 100 percent service-connected disability. Available only from theDNR by calling 877-348-0498.
    • Residents who are legally blind, receiving SSI or SSDI, or receiving worker’s compensation for total and permanent disability. Must presentcurrent letter from Social Security stating disability or SSI benefits to any license agent to receive free license. SSI/SSDI benefit verification isavailable online at, by calling 800-772-1213 or at your local Social Security office.
    • Residents receiving disability benefits under the Federal Railroad Retirement Act or U.S. Postal Service. Must present proof of disability benefits. Available at any agent.
    • Residents of a Minnesota licensed nursing or boarding care home, wards of the Minnesota Commissioner of Human Services, residents of state institutions, or inpatients of a U.S. Veterans Administration hospital. Must use application available from the DNR (888-646-6367).

    Do I need a license to fish in Minnesota State Parks?

    Minnesota residents may fish without a license for any species except trout when:

    • Shore fishing or wading on state-owned land within a state park.
    • Fishing from a boat or on the ice on water bodies that are completely inside the boundaries of a state park.
    • To fish on a designated trout stream or lake or to harvest trout in a state park you must have a fishing license and a trout/salmon stamp validation.

    What if I’m helping a child fish?

    If an adult is showing a child younger than 16 how to bait, cast, and remove fish, no license is needed. The child must hold the rod, set the hook andreel in the fish.

    What if I’m helping someone fish who has a developmental disability?

    You do not need a license to assist a disabled person, who must have a valid license unless an exemption applies. You may only fish with the number oflines allowed for all licensed or exempt anglers fishing.

    What if I don’t have a paper license because it was purchased on a mobile device?

    Licenses purchased on a mobile device are issued in electronic format. Purchasers choose to receive an email, text message or both. The email and/or text message stored electronically on your mobiledevice serves as your license. You must carry your mobile device or a printed copy of the email or text message you received when fishing or travelingfrom an area where you were fishing.

    Can I get a refund?

    Check your license for accuracy prior to leaving the license agent location. All sales are final. Refunds can only be issued if the:

    • Licensee dies before the opening of the licensed season;
    • Licensee is unable to participate in the licensed activity because the licensee is called to active military duty or military leave is canceled duringthe entire open season of the licensed activity; or
    • Licensee purchased 2 licenses for the same license season in error.

    What are license requirements for nonresident youth?

    Nonresidents under 16 may either fish under a parent or guardian’s license (including a family license) or must purchase a nonresident youth license. Iffishing under a family license or their own youth license, youth may possess their own limit; if fishing under a parent or guardian’s individual license anyfish kept are counted towards the parent’s possession limit.

    What if I lose or can’t find my license?

    You can go to any license agent and have them print a duplicate license. The cost is $2.50, which includes a 50-cent fee charged by the vendor.

    What if I’m not a state resident but am a full-time student at a Minnesota school, college or university?

    You may purchase fishing licenses at the resident rate if you reside in Minnesota and show the license agent a fee statement showing full-timeenrollment.

    What if I’m not a state resident but serve in the U.S. Armed Forces and am stationed in Minnesota or the spouse of a Minnesotaresident on active military duty?

    By showing proof, you may purchase fishing licenses and stamps at the resident rate.

    How can my license be revoked?

    • Fishing privileges may be revoked for 1 year for 2 or more convictions of fishing violations in 3 years. Violations of fishing laws in other states mayaffect your ability to fish in Minnesota.
    • Violating the gross over-limits penalty provisions can result in privileges being revoked for 3, 5 or 10 years, depending on the number of fishinvolved in the violation.
    • Failure to pay fines or to appear in court on a violation can result in revocation of all game and fish licenses until the fines are paid.

    How to Figure Your Bag Limit for a Conservation License

    • Applies to bag limits established for inland waters, experimental and special management waters, and border waters.
    • Does not apply to size restrictions, but may only have up to the corresponding bag limit. For example: a normal limit of 5 fish with 3 over 10" for aConservation License would be 2 fish with only 1 over 10".
    • Divide the regular limit in half. If necessary, round down to the nearest whole number. For example: 5 fish regular limit would be a 2 fishconservation limit.
    • Conservation licensees are not allowed to keep walleye over 20".

    Conservation License Bag Limits

    Catch- and- release1