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A Message from the Director

David E Saveikis

Fishing, like life, is about people, places and experiences. Our fishing photo contest theme Fish with a Buddy encouraged people to enjoy a fishing experience together, whether with a family member or friend. The cover of this fishing guide features the contest-winning photo of two young buddies sharing a fishing experience at the beach that will hopefully become a lifetime passion. I encourage you to check out the other photo contest winners featuring buddies fishing together on Fishing Photo Contest Winners, and to make you own fishing experiences and memories with a buddy.

The Division of Fish & Wildlife provides numerous and diverse places for you to fish, ranging from tranquil ponds and rivers to the expansive Delaware Bay to the vast Atlantic Ocean. The numerous public fishing and boating access areas provide you access to the shoreline or to get you on the water. We scientifically manage fish populations to help ensure diverse and quality fishing.

The Division and its dedicated and passionate staff are committed to providing you and your buddies quality fishing opportunities and experiences, now and for the future, as We Bring You Delaware’s Great Outdoors through Science and Service.

As an avid Delaware angler for many years, I hope to see you on the water. “Tight lines” this fishing season…

David E. Saveikis