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A Message from the Director

From the Director of the Division of Fish and Wildlife

Fishing is considered by many to be a spiritual experience, an opportunity to unwind and enjoy nature at its finest. Many who fish love the solitude, the adventure of pitting their skills against nature and their weary advisory, but many enjoy the occasion to experience it with family and friends.

As with hunting, many people have their first experiences fishing with family and friends and the comradery of the event is in many cases as important as the fishing itself.

This year as you prepare to go fishing think about taking someone that hasn’t had the opportunity to experience fishing or take someone that hasn’t fished in a long time to open that door once again. Delaware has abundant opportunities for both fresh and saltwater fishing. Check the 2024 Delaware Fishing Guide for locations and boat launch areas as well as fishing tournaments that are available to the public.

Our fishing photo contest theme, Reeling In The Future, is captured on the cover of this year’s guide with a father and son enjoying a great day of fishing.

The Division of Fish & Wildlife and its dedicated and passionate staff are committed to providing you with fishing adventure opportunities by providing numerous public fishing and boating access areas and scientifically managing fish populations to help ensure diverse and quality fishing.

The allure of fishing is calling you, answer the call and enjoy Delaware’s natural resources today.

Patrick J. Emory

Delaware Division of Fish and Willdife Director, David E. Saveikis
Pictured are Director Emory’s grandsons, Hunter and Reese Emory fishing in Fenwick Island, DE