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Sport Fishing Tournament Updates

Youth Division

The Delaware Sport Fishing Tournament has implemented a youth division for young anglers age 15 and under. The youth division features lowered minimum qualifying sizes for each species. With the decreased minimum size requirements in the youth division, young anglers have a greater chance to be rewarded for that trophy catch. All 15 freshwater species and all 30 saltwater species recognized in the tournament’s adult division will be eligible for youth division recognition and awards.

The youth division applies to the Live Release Award program for conservation minded young anglers that choose to return their trophy catch unharmed, immediately after landing and measuring their catch.

Youth division qualifying lengths and weights are provided on Sport Fishing Tournament. Other than the reduced qualifying lengths and weights the same tournament rules will apply to the youth division. Youth division entries are not eligible for the elite angler program.

Elite Angler Award

In 2017 the Division of Fish & Wildlife created a new “Elite Angler Award”. Anglers that received Tournament citations for five different species within one calendar year, no more than two of which can be Live Release Awards, are recognized as “Delaware Elite Anglers”. One new individual achieved Elite Angler status in 2022 (at the time of printing), Daniel Myers of Middletown, DE. Congratulations on your outstanding achievement!