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Welcome to 2021 Delaware Fishing

What's New

  • In 2020, three individuals met the qualifications for “Elite” anglers and are named on Sport Fishing Tournament Updates. For more information on how to qualify, see Sport Fishing Tournament. Give it a shot in 2021!
  • New state record for Golden Tilefish was established in 2020. See State Record Holders for details.
  • New regulations will likely be necessary for saltwater species in 2021. The electronic version of Delaware’s fishing guide, available at, will be updated to reflect such regulatory changes as they occur.
  • Anglers and boaters should be aware that shellfish aquaculture leasing is underway in Delaware’s Inland Bays. For more information on lease marking, see Invasive Species.
  • The Sport Fishing Tournament Award general Catfish category is changing to recognize both blue catfish and channel catfish. See Sport Fishing Tournament and State Record Holders for details.
  • The Sport Fishing Tournament Striped Bass Award and Live Release minimum size requirements have changed. See Sport Fishing Tournament for details.