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Deer Seasons


BEFORE applying for the big game draw, all adult & youth applicants MUST first purchase a qualifying license before they can apply for the draw.


  • The primary draw application deadline is 4/4/2023 at 8 p.m. MT.
  • The secondary draw application deadline is 6/30/2023 at 8 p.m. MT.

Major 2023 Changes:

  • Limited license allocation & preference point requirements have changed. The 3-year preference point average used to determine the high-demand hunt codes that fall into the 80/20 allocation split has been modified to a rolling 3-year average updated annually, with a 1-year lag.
  • Updated hybrid draw list: The hybrid draw list has been updated based on the 2019-2021 draws.
  • GMU boundary name revision: The boundary mentioned in GMU 54 for rifle elk hunt E-F-054-P5-R has been updated to Red Gulch following the renaming by the U.S. Board on Geologic Names.
  • Mount Evans hunting closure modified: Hunting is prohibited on Mt. Evans Summit Lake cirque, and within one-quarter mile (changed from one-half mile) of either side of the centerline of Mt. Evans Hwy. (Colo. 5).
  • Nonresident cow Elk license fee is no longer discounted.

Read the Big Game Regulations brochure​ (especially the "What's New: 2023" section).​ ​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​2023​​​​ Season Da​tes​

Check the regulation brochure​ for specifics and variations.


​Deer/elk (west of I-25 and Unit 140)

​Sept. 2–30*

​​​​​​​Plains deer (east of I-25, except Unit 140) ​ ​​

​Oct. 1–27
​Nov. 8–30
​Dec. 15–31
​Whitetail-only (limited)​Oct. 1-27
Nov. 8-30
Dec. 15-31
​Moose​Sept. 9-30
​Pronghorn (limited) ​Aug. 15-31 or
Aug. 15-31 & ​Sept. 1-20
(split season)
​Pronghorn bucks only (over-the-counter)​​Aug. 15-31
​Pronghorn either sex (over-the-counter)​Sept. 1-20
Bear (over-the-counter and/or limited)​​Sept. 2–30

Muzzleloader ​​(by draw only)

​​​​Deer/elk/moose​Sept. 9–17*
​Plains deer (east of I-25, except Unit 140)​Oct. 14–22
​Whitetail-only (limited)
​Oct. 14-22
​Pronghorn​Sept. 21–29
​Bear (over-the-counter and/or limited)​Sept. 9–17

​Rifle ​

​Moose​Oct. 1–14
​Separate limited elk (1st season)​Oct. 14-18
​Combined deer/elk (2nd season)Oct. 28-Nov. 5
NEW **Oct. 28-Nov. 1
Combined deer/elk ​(3rd season)Nov. 11–17Nov. 11–17
NEW **Nov. 11-15​
​Combined limited deer/elk (4th season)​Nov. 22–26
​Plains deer (east of I-25, except Unit 140)​​​Oct. 28–Nov. 7
​Late plains deer (east of I-25, except Unit 140)​Dec. 1–14
​Whitetail-only (limited)
​Oct. 28-Nov. 7
Late ​Whitetail-only (limited)
​Dec. 1-14
​​Pronghorn (limited)
Check hunt code tables in brochure​ for early and late rifle seasons for certain hunts.
​Oct. 7–15*
​Bear Sept. (limited)
​Sept. 2–30*
​Bear (1st season) (over-the-counter and/or limited)
​Oct. 14–18
​​Bear (2nd season) (over-the-counter and/or limited)
​Oct. 28–Nov. 5
​Bear (3rd season) (over-the-counter and/or limited) ​
​Nov. 11-17
​​Bear (4th season) (over-the-counter and/or limited)
​Nov. 22-26
​Bear Private-Land-Only (over-the-counter)
​Sept. 2–Nov. 26*

*unless otherwise noted in the brochure tables

**The duration of the second and third rifle seasons for over-the-counter bull elk licenses have been reduced to five days if used in GMUs 3, 4, 5, 11, 12, 13, 14, 23, 24, 131, 211, 214, 231, 301, and 441. If such licenses are used outside the severe winter GMUs, the full season dates apply.

2023 Application Processing & Habitat Stamp Fees ​​

Limited License Draw Application Processing Fee​

​$ 8.00 residents
$ 10.00 nonresidents

Habitat Stamp ​​
(Required and non-refundable; valid 3/1 –3/31 - 13 months)
​​​​​​$ 11​.50
Lifetime Habitat Stamp​​​$ 345.36

Habitat Stamp

All annual hunting or fishing licenses purchased for individuals ages 18-64 will have a Habitat Stamp applied at the time of purchase, if required.

For more information, read about the Habita​t Stamp​.​​ If you are disabled, you may not need a Habitat Stamp.

2023​ Draw (Limited) License Fees​

​​Payment Deadlines

IMPORTANT: License must be paid for by this date.​​ ​
​​Sheep & Goat​May 2, 11:59 p.m. MT
Primary Draw
Deer, Elk, Pronghorn, Moose & Bear
June 16, 11:59 p.m. MT
​Secondary Draw
Deer, Elk, Bear, Pronghorn
​July 21, 11:59 p.m. MT


​​​License Type​

​​​Fee - This is the fee you will be charged if you are successful in drawing your license, or get an unsuccessful option.

​​DEER​ ​ ​​​​
​Resident​$ 45.46
​Resident youth​$ 17.57
​Nonresident​ adult/fishing combo​​*​$ 456.14
​Nonresident​ youth/fishing combo​​*​$ 116.50
​​​ELK​ ​ ​
​Resident cow, bull or either sex​$ 62.72
​Resident youth​$ 17.57
​​Nonresident​ cow/fishing combo​​*​$ 760.99
​Nonresident​ bull or either sex/fishing combo​​*​​​$ 760.99
​Nonresident​ youth/fishing combo​​*​$ 116.50
​Resident​$ 45.46
​​Resident youth​​$ 17.57
​​Nonresident​ adult/fishing combo​​*​​$ 456.14
​Nonresident​ youth/fishing combo​​*​$ 116.50
​Resident​​$ 346.86
​​​Nonresident​/fishing combo​​*​​$ 2,544.04
​​$ 43.78
​Resident Youth
​$ 16.98
​Nonresident​/fishing combo​​*
​​$ 112.34
​Nonresident youth/fishing combo*
​$ 56.80

All prices include a 25-cent search-and-rescue fee, a $1.50 for the Wildlife Council ​surcharge​.

*All nonresident big-game licenses are a big-game and annual fishing combination license:
Fishing licenses are good through March 31.​​​