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Statewide Daily & Size Limits



(for areas without special regulations)


(for areas without special regulations)

Largemouth and/or Smallmouth Bass

6 (combined)

14″ minimum (in public waters)

Spotted Bass



Channel and/or Blue Catfish (D)

15 (combined)

Only one Blue Catfish over 30″

Flathead Catfish (D)



White and/or Black Crappie

37 (combined)


Striped Bass (A)

5 (except Lake Texoma)


Striped Bass Hybrids (A)


Only five fish over 20″

White Bass



Trout (A)

See Trout Regulations

Walleye, Sauger and/or Saugeye

6 (combined)

14″ minimum

Paddlefish (A)

See Paddlefish Regulations 


Alligator Gar (B)



(All species not listed, except shad and species of special concern I and/or II (E), have no daily or minimum size limits) (C)

Some areas have different regulations. See Appendix,
“Special Area Regulations” for daily and size limits on specific areas.


Trout (Rainbow & Brown)

Statewide Daily Limit:

  • Rainbow Trout – 6
  • Brown Trout – 6

Statewide Minimum Size Limit:

  • None

Check Trout Regulations and Trout Area Information for areas with additional daily and size limits.

Rainbow Trout

  • State record: 11 lbs., 4.32 oz.
  • Black spots on tail
  • Iridescence on sides

Brown Trout

  • State record: 17 lbs., 4.6 oz.
  • Few or no black spots on tail
  • Orange and red spots on side

Alligator Gar

Statewide Daily Limit:

  • 1

Statewide Minimum Size Limit:

  • None

Harvest must be reported to Wildlife Department (580) 924-4087.

Check Appendix for areas with additional daily and size limits.

  • State Record: 254 lbs., 12 oz.

Regulations in red are new this year.

Purple text indicates an important note.

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