FROM THE Massachusetts Fish and Wildlife

150 Years of Conservation

Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife celebrates 150 years of conservation!  See the timeline from 1866 when the first two commissioners on fisheries were appointed to through our new net-zero energy field headquarters in 2014.

FROM THE Massachusetts Fish And Wildlife

Turkey Hunting

A Hunting permit is required. Official green safety sticker must be adhered to firearm such that it is visible to the hunter when sighting down the barrel (typically placed on the tang). If new or replacement sticker is needed, send self-addressed, stamped envelope to any DFW office.

FROM THE Waterfowl Hunting in Virginia

Regulations By Species

WATERFOWL HUNTING ON WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT AREAS: For information about quota or managed hunts for waterfowl on Department Wildlife Management Areas (WMA’s), refer to the 2015–2016 Hunting & Trapping in Virginia, Regulations and Information Digest”...

FROM THE Hunting and Trapping in Virginia

Bear Hunting

To hunt bears, residents and nonresidents must purchase a bear license in addition to all other applicable licenses, permits or stamps, unless license exempt.

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