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Lake Champlain Regulations

Lake Champlain — including all tributaries upstream to the first barrier impassable by fish. Contact Region 5 DEC Regional Office at Ray Brook for barrier locations.


Open Season

Minimum Length

Daily Limit


All year



Lake Trout

All year



Landlocked Salmon

All year



Black Bass

2nd Sat in June though Nov 30



Dec 1 through the Fri preceding the 2nd Sat in June

Catch and release only

Artificial lures only


1st Sat in May through March 15



Northern Pike

All year




All year

Any size



All year



Yellow Perch and Sunfish

All year

Any size

Any number

Bullheads, Catfish, Carp, Cisco, Rock Bass, Smelt, Suckers, Whitefish, and all other fish not listed in this table.

All year

Any size

Any number

Lake Sturgeon and Mooneye

Possession Prohibited

Note: Each fishing line may have no more than two baited hooks or artificial lures with or without added natural bait. Ice fishing is legal to take any species during its open season. No more than fifteen ice-fishing lines may be used for ice fishing from Nov 15 – April 30.

Additional Lake Champlain Tributary Regulations

Stream Section


Saranac River from Catherine Street bridge upstream to Imperial Dam. Ausable River beginning at the marked boundary 800 feet west of the first bridge upstream from Lake Champlain, continuing upstream and ending at Rainbow Falls.

Angling from boats prohibited.

Saranac River from Catherine Street bridge upstream to Imperial Dam. Ausable River from D & H railroad bridge upstream to Rainbow Falls. Boquet River from mouth upstream to Wadhams Falls. North Branch Boquet and tributaries from mouth to first upstream barrier. Note additional sections closed below.

From June 15 through Dec 31:

Maximum hook gap 1/2 inch. Fishing prohibited from 1/2 hour after sunset to 1/2 hour before sunrise. Fishing permitted with unweighted artificial flies or unweighted natural baits only (see definitions). Exception: On the Saranac River, floating lures with one free-swinging hook permitted. No supplement weight, such as metal leaders, sinkers, split shot, twist-ons, or swivels may be attached to line, leader, or hook.

North Branch Boquet River and tributaries to first barrier; Mill Brook (in Port Henry) from mouth to falls west of Route 22.

Fishing prohibited from October 1 through Dec 31 to protect spawning salmon.

Boquet River from marked boundary below Willsboro Dam upstream to Route 22 in Willsboro. Ausable Boat Basin pool at mouth of Ausable Chasm as posted on site.

Fishing prohibited to protect migrating landlocked salmon.

Chazy River from Route 9B at Coopersville upstream to Perrys Mills Dam.

Fishing prohibited March 16 through the opening of walleye season in May to protect spawning walleye


Regulations in red are new this year.

Purple text indicates an important note.

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