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ATV (All Terrain Vehicle): Any motor-driven vehicle which is designed or adapted for travel over surfaces other than maintained roads with one or more non-highway tires, having capacity for passengers or other payloads, not to exceed an unladen dry weight of 1,000 pounds, and not to exceed 50 inches in width.

Trail Bike: Any motor-driven wheeled vehicle on which there is a saddle or seat for the operator and/or passenger designed to travel off maintained roads.

UTV (Utility Terrain Vehicle): Any mechanically propelled vehicle which is designed or adapted for travel over surfaces other than maintained roads with one or more tires or tracks equipped with a rollover protection system and/or safety belts, having capacity for passengers or other payloads, not in excess of 2,000 pounds unladen dry weight, and not to exceed 65 inches in overall width, excluding side mirrors. Shall include, but not be limited to, side-by-side, ROV, gator, buggy and OHV.

Snowmobile: A vehicle not more than 54 inches wide and not more than 1,200 pounds designed to travel over snow or ice, supported by skis, belts or cleats.

Accompanied by: When a person is within sight and when actual physical direction and control can be affected.

OHRV (Off-Highway Recreational Vehicle): Any mechanically propelled vehicle used off of a public way for recreational or pleasure purposes and dependent on the ground or other surface for travel. All legally registered motorized vehicles used off the highway for these purposes shall be deemed as an OHRV. Snowmobiles are not considered OHRVs.

Operate: To use a vehicle in any manner for transportation.

Public Way: Any public highway, street, sidewalk, alley, parking lot, or frozen body of water. Includes both the traveled portion of a road and the sides or shoulder of a road up to the boundary of abutting property owners.

Registrant: Any person who has legally registered an OHRV or snowmobile through an agent and has a registration certificate and decal set recorded in their name with the Department.

Resident: A person who has not claimed residency in any other state for any purpose. Presentation of a valid N.H. driver’s license or N.H. non-driver photo ID is required to prove residency.

Trail Connector: A specific part of an OHRV or snowmobile trail within a state highway right-of-way authorized by the N.H. Department of Transportation.

New for 2020-2021

  • The registration year has changed from July 1 through June 30 to May 1 through April 30, thus eliminating 14-month registrations. 2019-2020 registrations are still valid until June 30, 2020.
  • All snowmobile registration fees have increased by $33 (see Registration Fees). Wheeled vehicle fees increased by $1. The fee increases were proposed by the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association and passed by the NH Legislature. For questions or comments regarding the fee increase, contact NHSA at (603) 273-0220.
  • Effective May 1, 2020, to qualify as an antique snowmobile, the snowmobile must have been manufactured in the year 1994 or prior.
  • There have been some changes regarding operation age, license restrictions, and required equipment (see License & Age Restrictions).
  • Please note that law changes may occur throughout the year. Visit wildnh.com to check for updates.