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Trail Bike: Any motor-driven wheeled vehicle on which there is a saddle or seat for the operator and/or passenger designed to travel off maintained roads.

UTV (Utility Terrain Vehicle): Any mechanically propelled vehicle designed or adapted for travel over surfaces other than maintained roads, with one or more tires or tracks equipped with a rollover protection system and/or safety belts, having capacity for passengers or payloads, not in excess of 1,700 pounds net vehicle weight, and not exceeding 62 inches in overall width, excluding side mirrors. (New for 2014/15.)

Snowmobile: A vehicle not more than 54 inches wide and not more than 1,200 pounds designed to travel over snow or ice, supported by skis, belts or cleats.

Accompanied by: When a person is within sight and when actual physical direction and control can be effected.

OHRV (Off-Highway Recreational Vehicle): Any mechanically propelled vehicle used off of a public way for recreational or pleasure purposes and dependent on the ground or other surface for travel. All legally registered motorized vehicles used off the highway for these purposes shall be deemed as an OHRV. Snowmobiles are not considered OHRVs.

Operate: To use a vehicle in any manner for transportation.

Public Way: Any public highway, street, sidewalk, alley, parking lot or frozen body of water. Includes both the traveled portion of a road and the sides or shoulder of a road up to the boundary of abutting property owners.

Resident: A person who has not claimed residency in any other state for any purpose. Presentation of a valid N.H. driver’s license or N.H. non-driver photo ID is required to prove residency.

Trail Connector: A specific part of an OHRV trail within a state highway right-of-way authorized by DOT. Contact Bureau of Trails for approved list.

RSA 215-A:1 or RSA 215-C:1

What’s New for 2014/15

  • Beginning with the 2014/2015 registration year, OHRV and snowmobile registration certificates will be issued by the registration agent through a point-of-sale system and printed on regular paper. Registrants will still be given their decal stickers by the agent. This will make the process easier and faster for both the registrant and the agent. A $2 transaction fee will be charged per registration. The fee will go to the company responsible for maintaining the point-of-sale system to cover operating costs. Registrations are not available online. However, a print-and-mail application is available on the Fish and Game website.
  • Speed limits have been adjusted on state trails and trail connectors (see page 14). [Pending final legislative approval]
  • New this year, OHRV education classes are being offered online, as well as in the classroom. Note that the online course costs $29.50 (traditional classroom courses are free).
  • A legal definition of UTVs has been established. (See Definitions, left.) [Pending final legislative approval]

Regulations in red are new this year.

Purple text indicates an important note.

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