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Fluorescent Orange

Fluorescent Orange

Fluorescent orange (hunter orange) clothing promotes hunter safety because it is easy for other hunters to see outdoors. Except as noted in the exemptions below, a fluorescent orange outer garment or hat must be worn by all people who hunt any wildlife or accompany, aid, or assist a hunter in a field, marsh, wooded area, or on the water.

Whenever hunting, both hunters and companions must wear either:

  • A cap of solid fluorescent orange color (worn as an outer garment on the head at all times);
  • A vest or jacket containing back and front panels of at least 250 square inches of solid fluorescent orange color (worn as outer garment at all times); or
  • An outer garment of camouflage fluorescent orange worn above the waist which contains at least 50% fluorescent orange color.
  • Persons required to wear fluorescent orange that hunt from a ground blind that has four sides, a top, and is placed no more than 4 feet above the ground must display, on or within 25 feet of the blind, a cap of solid fluorescent orange color or a panel, band, strip, or garment containing at least 250 square inches (approximately 16" x 16") of solid fluorescent orange color.
  • NOTE: Deer archery hunters hunting during the Junior Deer Hunt, Deer Firearms, and Deer Muzzleloader Seasons are required to wear fluorescent orange. Deer archery hunters hunting in Garrett and Allegany counties during the open black bear season are required to wear fluorescent orange.
  • The following persons are exempt from the requirement of wearing fluorescent orange (but are still encouraged to wear it when hunting):
    • Property owners who hunt any wildlife on their own property with or without a hunting license (NOTE: children and spouses of property owners are required to wear fluorescent orange according to regulation);
    • A person who hunts deer with archery equipment during the season restricted to hunting deer with archery equipment;
    • A person who hunts or accompanies, aids or assists another person hunting the following species: brant, coot, crow, dove, furbearing mammals, rails, snipe, waterfowl, or wild turkey;
    • A person authorized by a Falconry Permit who hunts game birds or mammals using falcons, hawks or owls.

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