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Deer Processors

Hunting Regulations Icon Maryland Hunting

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources would like to thank the deer processors listed below for their service and cooperation in the Wildlife and Heritage Service’s annual collection of information on Maryland deer. Their efforts help supply the data necessary to manage this popular species. We appreciate their support of the stewardship and management of deer.


B&B Butchering301-478-2558

B&B Country Meats301-689-6225

Snurr Bonez Wild Game Processing301-777-0450

Anne Arundel

Austin’s Deer Processing 410-850-5838

Harwood Butcher Shop410-212-8803

Ray Hitchcock Taxidermy410-987-6990


Baker’s Meat House410-610-3311

Rowell’s Butcher Shop443-295-7449


Deep Branch Custom Cuts410-310-1246

Knife Box Custom Cuts443-262-5694

Frases’ Meat Shop410-673-7249

Richard’s Deer Shop410-634-1510 or 410-279-0622

Tuckahoe River Deer Processing443-786-5199


C & L Deer Processing410-374-6424

M & G Wild Game Processing443-375-7138

JB Farms 410-756-5656


Buckland’s Deer Processing443-350-0573

Ron Bennett443-553-4239


Chuck’s Butcher Shop301-283-0743


Bucktown Butcher Shop443-521-4286

Kramer’s Butcher Shop443-521-7501

The Duck Stop443-521-7128


Clint’s Cuts301-865-5120 or 301-748-1505

Pry’s Deer Processing301-834-8752

Rob’s Deer Shop301-271-7780

Shuff’s Meat Market301-271-2231

Wack’em and Pack’em301-748-8066


Butcher Block301-334-4140

EJ’s Meat Processing301-245-4409

Second Chance Farms301-616-7794


F.T.S. Taxidermy & Deer Processing410-838-6109 or 800-675-0013

KCC Deer Processing410-803-9200


Alexander’s Deer Processing410-928-3462

Charlie’s Whitetail Custom Cutting410-928-5326

John’s Butcher Shop410-778-3550


KS Kuts240-457-1844 or 301-606-5203

Tim Mullinix240-246-6199

Prince George’s

Harwood Butcher Shop410-212-8803

Queen Anne’s

Billy Walls410-778-3511

Emory Creek Processing410-490-5669


Eddie Johnson Deer Processing410-603-0047

Holland’s Deer Cutting410-251-7608

St. Mary’s

Mike McWilliams Wild Game Processors301-475-9667 or 240-925-6994

Henry’s Deer Processing27990 Pt. Lookout Rd.

Ridgells Whitetail Butcher Shop301-904-0406


Banzhoff Butcher Shop301-223-9326

Ernst Market301-842-2292

Holsinger’s Meats & Deli301-733-9263

or 800-733-8883

Sunnyland/Ray Burger’s Meats301-223-9637


Dave’s Cut Em Up Deer Processing302-381-7257 or 302-907-0383

Jim’s Custom Cutting410-749-5546

Longhorn Butcher Shop410-422-3942

Off The Neck410-860-2126

Wright Brothers Butchery and Taxidermy410-546-2053


Captain Ron’s Deer Processing410-627-8189

Sussex County, Delaware

Mark’s Meats and More,LLC302-933-0307

Maryland Archery Hunter Survey Cooperators Needed

We need your help!

Archery hunters are among the most active outdoor enthusiasts in Maryland. The time you spend afield and the experiences you enjoy are of great value to us. The hunting observations you make day after day and year after year can be used as a powerful tool to effectively track fluctuations in many different wildlife populations (e.g. deer, bear, turkey, small game, and furbearers). Therefore, we are asking you to take the time to become a cooperator and document information about each of your archery hunts. The data you provide will be added to the data already collected by 300+ other archery hunter cooperators and will make the results even stronger.

If you are interested in becoming an Archery Hunter Survey Cooperator, you can download a copy of the survey at or contact Brent Evans at (443) 786-3656 or Cooperators will receive an annual survey form to complete during the deer archery season and an annual report of the results after they are compiled. We appreciate your interest and cooperation.