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Seasonally Closed Waters

The following lakes and ponds are hereby designated seasonally closed waters and shall be closed to all fishing except between Second Saturday in April through October 31.

Bald Hill Pond, Westmore

Beaver Pond, Holland

Beck Pond, Newark

Beebe Pond, Sunderland

Big Mud Pond, Mt. Tabor

Bourn Pond, Sunderland

Branch Pond, Sunderland

Cary Pond, Walden

Cow Mountain Pond, Granby

Duck Pond, Sutton

Forest Lake, Averill

Griffith Lake, Mt. Tabor

Holland Pond, Holland

Jobs Pond, Westmore

Lake Pleiad, Hancock

Levi Pond, Groton

Lewis Pond, Lewis

Little Rock Pond, Wallingford

Long Pond, Westmore

Marl Pond, Sutton

Martins Pond, Peacham

North Pond, Chittenden

Notch Pond, Ferdinand

Perch Pond (Zack Woods Pond), Hyde Park

Pigeon Pond, Groton

Red Mill Pond, Woodford

Silver Lake, Leicester

South America Pond, Ferdinand

South Pond, Marlboro

Spring Lake, Shrewsbury

Stannard Pond, Stannard

Sterling Pond, Cambridge

Stoughton Pond, Weathersfield

Stratton Pond, Stratton

Unknown Pond, Averys Gore

Unknown Pond, Ferdinand

Vail Pond, Sutton

Vernon Hatchery Pond, Vernon

West Mountain Pond, Maidstone

Wheeler Pond, Barton and Sutton

Zack Woods (Perch Pond), Hyde Park

Rivers and Streams - All rivers and streams are hereby designated seasonally closed waters. For species with defined harvest seasons, targeted catch and release angling with immediate release can occur outside of harvest season, using artificial lures and flies.