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Turkey Hunting Seasons

Hunting open statewide

Hunting is allowed in any open permit area statewide. All hunters will be asked which permit area they hunt most but that does not restrict the hunter to that area.

Lottery results available

Postcards have been mailed to winners but you can check online to see if you were selected for the A-C season in Carlos Avery or Mille Lacs or the A-B season in Whitewater. All licenses go on sale March 1.

10/01/22 - 10/30/22Fall wild turkeyStatewide
02/10/23Spring wild turkey WMA lottery deadline
04/12/23 - 05/31/23Spring wild turkey - YouthStatewide
04/12/23 - 05/31/23Spring wild turkey - ArcheryStatewide
04/12/23 - 04/18/23Spring wild turkey - A seasonStatewide
04/19/23 - 04/25/23Spring wild turkey - B seasonStatewide
04/26/23 - 05/02/23Spring wild turkey - C seasonStatewide
05/03/23 - 05/09/23Spring wild turkey - D seasonStatewide
05/10/23 - 05/16/23Spring wild turkey - E seasonStatewide
05/17/23 - 05/31/23Spring wild turkey - F seasonStatewide
09/30/23 - 10/29/23Fall wild turkeyStatewide

Permit areas

Turkey Hunting Permit areas