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Licenses & Permits

Hunting Regulations Icon Oklahoma Hunting

Hunting Licenses

License requirements are listed by game animal throughout this book. For many wildlife species a “hunting license” is one of those requirements. There are many different types of “hunting licenses” that meet this requirement, and rather than listing all of them with every species, we have listed them below. So, if a “hunting license” is required, you must possess any one of the following:

If you are a resident a “hunting license” is any one of the following:

  • Annual Hunting License
  • Annual Combination Hunting/Fishing License
  • Annual Youth Hunting License
  • Annual Youth Combination Hunting/Fishing License
  • Fiscal-Year Hunting License
  • Fiscal-Year Combination Hunting/Fishing License
  • Fiscal-Year Youth Hunting License
  • Fiscal-Year Youth Combination Hunting/Fishing License
  • 5-Year Hunting License
  • 5-Year Combination Hunting/Fishing License
  • 5-Year Disability Hunting License
  • Lifetime Hunting License
  • Lifetime Combination Hunting/Fishing License
  • Lifetime Disabled Veteran Combination Hunting/Fishing License (under 60 percent disability)
  • Lifetime Disabled Veteran Combination Hunting/Fishing License (60 percent or more disability)
  • Lifetime Senior Citizen Hunting License
  • Lifetime Senior Citizen Combination Hunting/Fishing License

If you are a nonresident a “hunting license” is any one of the following:

  • Nonresident Annual Hunting License
  • Nonresident Fiscal-Year Hunting License
  • Nonresident 5-Day Hunting LicenseNote: Nonresidents who hold a resident lifetime license (hunting or combination) have the same exemptions as a resident lifetime license-holder.The Nonresident Lifetime Hunting, Nonresident Lifetime Combination Hunting/Fishing, Lifetime Nonresident Small Game Hunting and Lifetime Nonresident Combination Small Game Hunting/Fishing licenses are no longer available for purchase. However, these licenses are honored for people already possessing one.

I’m a Resident Hunter. What Licenses Do I Need?

This is a reference chart only. Please read through this guide for complete information about hunter education, license requirements, and exemptions. This chart does not apply to good-for-life licenses such as the lifetime hunting or senior citizen licenses. See License Exemptions for information on lifetime licenses exemptions.

Species Hunted

License(s) residents need:

Deer: Archery

Hunting license & Deer archery license for each deer hunted (must be valid for the current calendar year)

Deer: Youth Gun

All: Youth deer gun license (antlered or antlerless) for each deer hunted. In addition:

• 16-17 years old: hunting license

• Younger than 16: exempt from hunting license

• Youths may also harvest a turkey in counties having a fall rifle turkey season, provided the hunter has the appropriate turkey license.

Deer: Muzzleloader

Hunting license & Deer primitive firearms license (antlered or antlerless) for each deer hunted

Deer: Gun

Hunting license & Deer gun license (antlered or antlerless) for each deer hunted

Deer: Holiday Antlerless

Hunting license & Holiday antlerless deer gun license


Hunting license & Elk license for each elk hunted and written landowner permission


Hunting license & Antelope license for each antelope hunted and written landowner permission

Bear: Archery

Hunting license & Bear license (Must be purchased prior to the start of archery season.)

Bear: Muzzleloader

Hunting license & Bear license

(must be purchased prior to the start of muzzleloader season).
An unfilled bear archery license is also valid

Squirrel, Rabbit or Prairie Dog

Hunting license

Hog (feral swine)

Depends on the time of year. No hunting license is required to pursue hog, except on public lands (see Small Game/Hog Regulations for public land information.) However, individuals pursuing hog during antelope, bear, deer, or elk seasons must have the appropriate license for that season.

Quail & Pheasant

Hunting license

Turkey: Fall Archery

Hunting license & Fall turkey license

Turkey: Fall Gun

Hunting license & Fall turkey license

Turkey: Youth Spring

Hunting license & Spring turkey license

Turkey: Spring

Hunting license & Spring turkey license for each bird hunted

Dove, Rail (sora & Virginia), Gallinule (purple gallinule & common moorhen), Woodcock, Common Snipe

Hunting license & HIP (Harvest Information Program) permit

Teal, Resident Canada Goose,

Waterfowl (Ducks, Geese)

Hunting license & HIP (Harvest Information Program) permit & State Waterfowl Stamp & Federal Migratory Bird Stamp