Big Game Harvest Reporting

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Reporting big game harvests is a requirement in North Carolina. Hunters should carry their Big Game Harvest Report Card with them while hunting deer, bear or wild turkey. A harvest report card is furnished with the issuance of a big game hunting license and is valid for only one hunting season, July 1 through June 30. Hunters should retain only one copy of their harvest report card per hunting season.

Validating a Harvest

Upon harvesting a bear, deer or wild turkey, and before moving the animal from the site of kill, the successful hunter must validate the Big Game Harvest Report Card by cutting or punching out the crosshair symbol next to the appropriate authorization line. Instructions in this section also apply to the Bonus Antlerless Report Card.

Registering a Harvest

The hunter must register any harvested bear, deer or wild turkey within 24 hours of the harvest and before it is skinned, dressed or dismembered.

  • Big game harvests may be registered in one of three ways:
    1. By calling 800-I-GOT-ONE (800-446-8663). A touch tone telephone is required. Each Harvest ID can only be used once.
    2. By clicking the “Report a Big Game Harvest” link located on the NCWRC home page (ncwildlife.org/IGotOne).
    3. By reporting the harvest to a participating wildlife service agent location (ncwildlife.org/WildlifeServiceAgent).
  • The Big Game Harvest Report Card contains a Harvest ID number located above each harvest authorization line. Hunters will be required to provide a Harvest ID number when reporting each harvest.
  • Hunters who obtain their license and big game privilege by phone or internet will be given their Harvest ID numbers for temporary use until they receive their official Big Game Harvest Report Card in the mail. If the hunter harvests a big game animal before receiving their official Big Game Harvest Report Card, the hunter must retain the authorization number for the reported harvest. Immediately upon receipt of the Big Game Harvest Report Card, the hunter must transcribe those authorization numbers and validate the appropriate line on their card.
  • Big game animals may be field dressed before being registered. Field dressing includes bleeding and removal of digestive, respi­ratory and circulatory organs, but the hunter may not mutilate the carcass in a manner that obscures the identity, age or sex.
  • When a kill occurs in a remote area that prevents the animal from being transported as an entire carcass, the animal may be skinned and quartered before being registered.
  • When a hunter harvests an animal in a remote area and plans to remain in the area for longer than a day, the 24-hour time is extended until the hunter leaves the area. However, the hunter must immediately register the animal upon leaving the remote area.

Recording the Authorization Number

When a success­ful hunter registers a big game harvest, the hunter will be issued an authorization number for the animal. The hunter shall then record the authorization number in the space provided, imme­diately adjacent to the validation mark that has been cut or punched out on the Big Game Harvest Report Card. This record shall thereafter constitute the authorization for continued possession of the carcass. It shall be unlawful for a person to possess a Big Game Harvest Report Card on which the species validation mark has been cut or punched out, but on which the authorization number has not been recorded, unless the animal is in the person’s possession or it has been identified with the person’s name, hunting license number and date of kill.

Identifying an Unattended Kill

Persons killing a big game animal and leaving it unattended must identify the carcass with their name, hunting license number and date of kill. Once an unattended animal is registered, it need only be identified with the authorization number.

Reporting for License-Exempt Hunters

Persons who are by law exempt from the Big Game Hunting License requirement shall obtain a License-Exempt Big Game Harvest Report Card from a wildlife service agent or by calling 888-248-6834 at no cost (Note: License-Exempt Cards are not available online.) Upon harvest­ing a bear, deer or wild turkey, the exempt person shall validate their card and report the big game kill using the same registration methods listed above.

  • License-exempt youth should not report their harvest on their parent’s Big Game Harvest Report Card, but obtain their own card.

Deer Management Assistance Program Harvest Reporting

Persons opting to validate and report a harvested deer with a special Deer Management Assistance Program (DMAP) or Community DMAP (CDMAP) tag, can register using standard registration methods. However, instead of a Harvest ID number, hunters should select “Report a DMAP Tag” option and provide the number pre-printed on their adhesive tag. DMAP tags are only available to participants in the Deer Management Assistance Programs. For more information about the programs, visit ncwildlife.org/deer.