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Sharks Caught Fishing in state Waters (Listed species represent a sampling which may be encountered)

Source: Guide to Sharks, Tunas and Billfishes of the U.S. Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico by Rhode Island Sea Grant and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries. To learn more about coastal Sharks in Maryland go to dnr.maryland.gov/fisheries/Pages/coastal/SharkFacts.aspx

Shark illustrations by Diane Rome Peebles

Key catch and release points that maximize survival

  • Leave sharks in the water
  • Don’t drag them onto the sand
  • Don’t sit on them
  • Don’t hold their jaws open
  • Use circle hooks
  • Minimize fight times by using the
    appropriate gear
  • Know how to identify the species
  • Know which species are legal and illegal
  • Don’t gaff a shark that is going to be released
  • Have a release plan and make sure everyone knows their role
  • Use a dehooker
  • Don’t place hands in the gills