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Put-and-Take Trout Fishing Areas

The following restrictions apply to the areas listed:

  1. Creel Limit (all species of trout) combined—5 Daily / 5 Possession.
  2. Minimum Size—no minimum size.
  3. Season—areas are closed to all fishing from 10:00 p.m. of the first date, to 5:30 a.m. of the second date, except as provided for by special regulation or where more restrictive fishing hours are posted.

2016 Closure Schedule

  • Closure 0—No Closure.
  • Closure 1—Sunday March 6, 2016 to Saturday March 26, 2016.
  • Closure 2—Sunday March 20, 2016 to Saturday March 26, 2016.

Areas Subject to Provisions of this Section:

Allegany County

Battie Mixon Ponds 0

Cotton Cove Pond in Glendening Recreational Complex at Frostburg 2

Dans Mountain Pond 0

Evitts Creek—mainstem upstream of Interstate Rt. 68 1

Evitts Creek Ponds 0

Fifteen Mile Creek Watershed 1

Flintstone Creek Watershed 0

Georges Creek—mainstem from the upper boundary of Town Park in Westernport upstream to Neff Run 1

Jennings Run—mainstem downstream of the confluence of North Jennings Run 2

Lake Habeeb (Rocky Gap Lake) 0

Lions Park Pond, Frostburg (area subject to user restrictions by the City of Frostburg) 0

North Branch Potomac River mainstem—from Allegany County line downstream to the upper Potomac River Commission Wastewater Treatment Plant discharge in Westernport 0

North Jennings Run Watershed 2

Orchard Pond 0

White Sulfur Pond 0

Wills Creek—mainstem upstream of the US Army Corps of Engineers Flood Control Project at The Narrows above Cumberland 1

Anne Arundel County

Severn Run—mainstem upstream of Maryland Route 3 1

Baltimore County and Baltimore City

Avalon Pond (Lost Lake)… 0

Gunpowder Falls—mainstem from the red post located 1.6 miles downstream of Corbett Road downstream to the hiker/biker bridge located approximately one mile downstream of Phoenix Road; and from Cromwell Bridge downstream to the Interstate
Rt. 95 bridge 1

Gwynn Oak Park Pond 0

Gwynns Falls—mainstem below Maryland Route 140 0

Jones Falls—mainstem below Lake Roland 0

Little Falls—mainstem from Wiseburg Road upstream to Valley Mill Road 1

Little Gunpowder Falls—mainstem from Jericho Road upstream to Route 165 1

Patapsco River—mainstem from the B&O Viaduct upstream to Bloede Dam 1

Stansbury Park Pond 0

Calvert County

Calvert Cliffs Pond 0

Hutchins Pond 0

Caroline County

Tuckahoe Creek & Lake 0

Carroll County

Beaver Run—upstream of Maryland Route 91 1

Farm Museum Pond 2

South Branch Patapsco River—mainstem from West Friendship Road (Howard County side) and Main Street (Carroll County side) at Sykesville downstream to its confluence with the North Branch Patapsco River 1

Piney Run—mainstem downstream from Arrington Road 1

Piney Run Reservoir 0

Robert’s Mill Pond 0

Cecil County

Big Elk Creek—mainstem from the bridge at Maryland Route 277 upstream to the Pennsylvania state line 1

Howards Pond 0

Principio Creek—mainstem upstream of Maryland Route 7 1

Charles County

Hughesville Pond 0

Myrtle Grove Wildlife Management area—all ponds 0

Wheatley Lake 0

Frederick County

Cunningham Falls Lake 0

Fishing Creek—mainstem upstream of Fishing Creek Reservoir including left fork (Steep Creek) 1

Frank Bentz Pond 2

Friends Creek Watershed 1

Hamburg Pond 2

Middle Creek—mainstem from the Maryland Route 17 bridge near the junction of Bittle Road upstream to the confluence of Spruce Run 1

Middletown Pond 0

Owens Creek—mainstem from Buck Lantz Road downstream to Roddy Road (catch & return only from June 1 through last day of February) 1

Rainbow Lake 2

Urbana Lake 0

Whiskey Springs Pond 2

Woodsboro Community Pond 0

Garrett County

Accident Pond 1

Bear Creek—mainstem from the corner of Fish Hatchery Road and Rabbit Hollow Road downstream to the confluence with the Youghiogheny River at Friendsville .1

Broadford Lake 0

Deep Creek Lake 0

Herrington Creek—mainstem 0

Herrington Lake 0

Jennings Randolph Lake 0

Little Youghiogheny River—mainstem from Maryland Route 219 downstream to the Youghiogheny River 1

Mill Run—mainstem downstream of uppermost bridge on Mill Run Road 1

Muddy Creek—mainstem 1

New Germany Lake 0

North Branch Potomac River mainstem—from Jennings Randolph Lake upstream approximately 6 miles to the lower boundary of Potomac State Forest; from the uppermost boundary of Potomac State Forest at Wallman upstream approximately 8.5 miles to the bridge at Old Wilson Road; from the red post located approximately 100 yards above the upstream concrete abutments at Barnum, West Virginia, downstream to the red post located below a pool known as Blue Hole, approximately 1⁄3 mile upstream of Bench Mark 1110 on the Westernport U.S.G.S. Quadrangle, and from Piney Swamp Run downstream to the Allegany County line 0

Piney Reservoir 0

Savage Reservoir 0

Savage River—mainstem from Savage Reservoir upstream to Poplar Lick 2

Snowy Creek mainstem 0

Youghiogheny River—mainstem upstream of the junction of Muddy Creek and from the upstream side of the Maryland Route 42 bridge downstream 0.4 miles to the confluence of Minnow Run, 50 yards downstream from Maple Street. 0

Harford County

Deer Creek—mainstem from 1 mile south of Rocks State Park upstream to the bridge at Maryland Route 23 1

Forest Hill Pond 2

Little Gunpowder Falls—mainstem from Jericho Road upstream to Maryland Route 165 1

Howard County

Centennial Lake 0

Lake Elkhorn 0

Patuxent River—mainstem from base of Rocky Gorge Reservoir Dam in Laurel downstream to the B&O Railroad crossing 1

South Branch Patapsco River—mainstem from West Friendship Road (Howard County side) and Main Street (Carroll County side) at Sykesville downstream to its confluence with the North Branch Patapsco River 1

Montgomery County

Great Seneca Creek—from Maryland Route 28 upstream to Maryland Route 355 1

Izaak Walton Pond 2

Lake Needwood 0

Martin Luther King, Jr. Park Pond 2

Northwest Branch Watershed—upstream of Maryland Route 410 to Norwood Road 2

Pine Lake 2

Prince George’s County

Allen’s Pond 0

Cosca Lake 0

Greenbelt Lake 0

Lake Artemesia 0

Laurel Lakes 0

Melwood Pond 0

Schoolhouse Pond 0

Tucker Pond 0

Washington County

Antietam Creek—mainstem from upstream boundary of Devil’s Backbone Park to the mouth of Beaver Creek 0

Beaver Creek—from the downstream side of the bridges on the private farm lane located below the Albert Powell State Trout Hatchery downstream to Black Rock Creek, and from Beaver Creek Road downstream to the confluence with Antietam Creek 1

Blairs Valley Lake 0

Greenbrier Lake 0

Indian Springs Pond 2

Israel Creek 0

Licking Creek Mainstem 1

Sharpsburg Community Pond 0

Sideling Hill Creek Watershed 0

Wicomico County

Beaverdam Creek—in Salisbury from Schumaker Dam downstream to the bridge crossing at Memorial Plaza Road 0

Worcester County

Shad Landing Pond 0