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Working With Wildlife For You

Spending time on the water is just one of the many ways Georgians get outdoors to experience the amazing natural resources our state has to offer. My top priority is to protect and preserve these resources, so that sportsmen and women like you can continue to enjoy them for years to come. Our 1.2 million resident anglers are some of the most active and avid supporters of Georgia’s wildlife and the Department of Natural Resources is so grateful for all that you contribute to wildlife conservation.

Here at DNR, we are always searching for new ways to ensure the health and longevity of Georgia’s diverse natural resources while also working to create more access to public lands. Your license purchases go a long way in making these efforts a reality. With each purchase, Georgia receives federal funding specifically allocated for hunting & fishing projects. The previous legislative session, a law was passed bringing Georgia’s hunting & fishing licenses from being some of the cheapest in the nation to the average price found in southeastern states. This will allow us to soon provide even more opportunities that will enhance your outdoor experience such as adding camp grounds to public fishing areas, making investments and improvements to our fish hatchery operations, and improving access through additional boat ramps and better roads. Without the support this legislation received from sport fishing organizations around the state and thousands of citizens, it would not be a reality.

Your support for wildlife doesn’t have to stop after you purchase a license. Simple things such as making sure you’re keeping the waters clean contribute greatly to wildlife health. You can also put a wildlife license plate on your car, donate, or even volunteer with conservation organizations. In any capacity, you are a vital partner in fulfilling DNR’s mission and we thank you for your continued support. I hope to see you out on the water!

Mark Williams
Commissioner, Georgia Department of Natural Resources