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I have always had a special connection with the natural world around me. I attribute that connection to the values instilled in me during my formative years, as well as being fortunate enough to live in a place with such abundant and beautiful natural resources. Over time, I developed a fierce passion for hunting, fishing, and all things outdoors, and that is why, as Commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources, I feel incredibly blessed to be in such a position that allows me to connect with so many like-minded individuals, and to play a role in passing these traditions down to the next generation of sportsmen and women.

Considering that Georgia is home to well over a million anglers, I know I am not alone in my appreciation and passion for this amazing sport. Here at DNR, we are so thankful to have such an ardent and unwavering community of supporters who do so much for wildlife conservation efforts.

At DNR, conserving and protecting our natural resources is a huge part of our mission. We are constantly looking for new ways to safeguard these resources while searching for new ways to accommodate greater access and better fishing opportunities for the public. One way we do this is by stocking our waters with catchable fish. For instance, every year we stock 1 million catchable trout in streams, rivers and small lakes across Georgia. Trout stocking begins in March and continues through October. Currently we’re targeting a larger sized trout as part of this effort to keep our rivers and streams full of fish and fun to fish.

Your continuous support through your fishing license purchases, and your numerous trips to our lands, keep us thriving and allows us to continue our efforts of conservation. We are working on new ways to enjoy the outdoors, such as the first ever full-service campground that will be opening at the Evans PFA this fall. I hope you are able to enjoy these amenities while you fish and enjoy the fishing opportunities across our state. We are so thankful for your continued support and appreciate you allowing us to fulfill DNR’s mission. I’m excited to see you all out on the water!

Mark Williams
Commissioner, Georgia Department of Natural Resources

2019 Forestry for Wildlife Partners

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources Division, proudly honors the 2019 Forestry for Wildlife Partners for their outstanding accomplishments in incorporating fish and wildlife conservation practices as an integral part of their overall land management goals.