Fish & Wildlife Directory

Fishing Regulations Icon Delaware Fishing

State of Delaware

John C. Carney Jr.


Delaware Department of Natural Resources
and Environmental Control

Shawn M. Garvin


Division of Fish and Wildlife

David E. Saveikis


Advisory Council on Wildlife & Freshwater Fish

Edward A. Montague, Chair

Garrett L. Grier, Jr.,
Vice Chair

Raymond F. Burris

John Neal Dukes

Joe C. Johnson

Craig A. Karsnitz

Steven M. Kendus

Dale R. Scuse

F. Thomas Unruh

Advisory Council on Tidal Fin Fisheries

Dr. Dewayne Fox,

Brian Hoffecker

Marvin M. Kahl, Jr.

James G. Little

Bernard L. Pankowski

Joseph A. Smith

P. Wes Townsend

Advisory Council on Recreational Fishing Funding

Bernard L. Pankowski,
David A. Russell,
Vice Chair

Ralph William Baker

Eric B. Burnley, Sr.

Richard Carlisle

Loren C. Evans

Hon. Ronald Gray

Hon. Gerald Hocker

Ronald L. Horton

Advisory Council on Shell Fisheries

Leonard Voss, Jr.,

Steven Copp

Patrick M. Gaffney

Richard S. Hand, Jr.

Virgilio Pacelli

Paul Satterfield

Robert G Thompson


Division of Fish and Wildlife –


F.I.N. number (800) 432-9228

F.I.N. Helpline (866) 447-4626

Fisheries Section, Dover (302) 739-9914

Fisheries Field Offices

Little Creek (302) 735-2960

Woodland Beach (302) 735-8650

Aquatic Resources
Education Center (302) 735-8652

Recreational Fishing Licenses (302) 739-9918

Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Section

New Castle County (302) 836-4682

Kent County (302) 739-6139

Sussex County (302) 855-1901

24-hour hotline (KENTCOM) for reporting violations, problems and fish kills (800) 523-3336

Boating Safety (302) 739-9915

Ramp Certificates (302) 739-9916

Boat Registration (302) 739-9916

General Information

Freshwater Trout Program (302) 739-9914

Non-tidal Fishing (302) 735-2960 / (302) 735-8650

Tidal Fishing (302) 739-9914 / (302) 735-2960

Fish Consumption Advisories (302) 739-9914

Division Public Health (302) 744-4546

Artificial Reef Program (302) 735-2960

Fishing / Boating Access Areas (302) 739-9914

Clamming (302) 735-2960

Shellfish Health & Safety,
Closures (302) 739-9939

Crabbing (302) 735-2960