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West Virginia



Migratory Bird Hunting Seasons

September 2022 - January 2023 Migratory Game Bird Seasons

Mourning Dove (3-way Split Season)Sept. 1-Oct. 91545
Nov. 1-Nov. 13
Dec. 20-Jan. 24
Sora and Virginia RailsSept. 1-Nov. 910(d)30(d)

Wilson’s Snipe

Sept. 1-Dec. 16824
WoodcockOct. 15-Nov. 1939
Nov. 28-Dec.6
Youth Waterfowl (2 Single Days)Sept. 17(b)(b)
Nov. 5
Ducks (3-way Split Season)Oct. 1-Oct. 146(c)(d)18(c)(e)
Nov. 7-Nov. 12
Dec. 23-Jan. 31
Scaup (included in duck daily bag limit)Oct. 1-Oct. 141(c)(d)
Nov. 7-Nov. 12
Dec. 23-Jan. 11
Jan. 12-Jan. 312(c)(d)
CootsSame as Ducks1545
Gallinules (2-way Split Season)Oct. 1-Oct. 141545
Dec. 7-Jan. 31
MergansersSame as Ducks5(d)15(d)
Early Canada GooseSept. 1-Sept. 115(d)15(d)
Canada Goose/White-fronted geese (3-way Split Season)Oct. 1-Oct. 15
Nov. 7-Nov. 12
Dec. 4-Jan. 31
Snow and Blue Goose (3-way Split Season)Oct. 1-Oct. 155(d)15(d)
Nov. 7-Nov. 12
Dec. 4-Jan. 31
BrantDec. 13-Jan. 3126
Closed SeasonsSwans, King and Clapper Rails, Eiders, Whistling Ducks, Mottled Ducks, and Harlequin Ducks

(a) The daily bag limit for falconry hunting is three (3) migratory game birds in the aggregate, and the possession limit is nine (9) migratory game birds in the aggregate.

(b) The bag limit for the youth days is the same as the daily limit of the regular duck and goose seasons, except two (2) scaup may be taken as part of the six (6) duck daily bag limit.

(c) The daily bag limit is six (6) ducks, including no more than two (2) mallards [no more than one (1) of which can be female], two (2) black ducks, one (1) pintail, three (3) wood ducks, two (2) redheads, two (2) canvasbacks, scaup (see the above table), four (4) sea ducks (including no more than three (3) scoters and three (3) long-tailed ducks). The duck possession limit can include only three times the daily bag limit.

(d) In aggregate.