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Game Bird Hunting

Game Bird Hunting

Other Migratory Game Bird Species Identification

Identification of Snipe, Raven and Mourning Dove

Wilson’s Snipe

  • Cryptic and secretive
  • Found in marshy & flooded pasture habitats
  • Typically flush in singles or pairs
  • Two golden stripes down back
  • Single note, raspy “scaipe” call when flushed

Eurasian collared doves have recently spread across Washington. Eurasian collared doves are much larger than mourning doves (see photo), and can be taken year-round with a Washington hunting license. Mourning doves can only be taken during September through October seasons.

Dowitchers (2 species) Not open to harvest!

  • Tend to be more visible
  • Typically in open shallow-water & shorelines
  • Typically fly-in in small flocks
  • Obvious white stripe down back in flight

Ravens are protected by state and federal laws,
and are often confused with crows.
Not open to harvest!

Crows are smaller than ravens and measure between 17 and 20 inches long, while ravens measure between 24 and 27 inches long.

Ravens spend much time gliding when in flight, while crows seldom if ever glide and usually fly with a steady wing beat.

Crows tails are blocky and more squared off while in flight, while ravens have a diamond-shaped tail (see drawing).

Crows have a more nasal, higher pitched call, where a raven’s call is lower, and hoarser.