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Game Bird Hunting

Migratory Game Bird Season Summary

To improve management of certain limited migratory bird species, you are required to possess a Migratory Bird Authorization and Harvest Record Card(s) if you are hunting those species (see License Fees & Information).

Immediately after taking a band-tailed pigeon, brant, sea duck (scoters, long-tailed duck, harlequin, goldeneyes) in western Washington, snow goose (Goose Management Area 1) or any goose in Goose Management Area 2 — Coast & Inland into possession, you must fill out the required harvest record card information in ink.

You must report hunting activity on your harvest record cards to WDFW using the online reporting system at:, or by mailing the cards to:

WDFW, Wildlife Program — Waterfowl Section, PO Box 43141 Olympia, WA 98504.

Reports need to be postmarked by the reporting deadlines even if you did not harvest any birds. Please note that you must comply with these reporting requirements or you will be required to pay a $10 administrative fee before obtaining a harvest record card the next year.

Mandatory Harvest Reporting Deadlines:

Band-tailed Pigeon

September 30, 2021

Sea Duck, SW Canada Goose,
Snow Goose (GMA1), Brant

March 20, 2022