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Game Bird Hunting

Game Bird Hunting

Migratory Bird Stamp & Artwork

Meet the 2021 Washington State Duck Stamp Competition Winner and Washington Waterfowl Association's Artist of the Year:

Donnie Hughes

Donnie Hughes is from Lexington, SC. Hughes graduated from Anderson College and the University of South Carolina with a BA degree in Art. He worked as the Art Director for a printing company for 35 years before concentrating on painting full time 11 years ago. Donnie and his identical twin brother Ronnie both were raised with an appreciation for the beauty in nature’s environment.

The twins have studied with international artists Daniel Smith and Carl Brenders. Like most brothers of similar age, both are very encouraging of the other, but also very competitive in their artistic endeavors in many state and national competitions and shows. The brothers produce originals and prints of their paintings, which are sold nationally in shows and galleries, including an art gallery which they also own.

Washington Migratory Bird Permit and Artwork Dollars at Work

Thank You Migratory Bird Hunters of Washington!

Every year the revenue from migratory bird permits and artwork have been responsible for improvements in the quality and quantity of wetland habitats in Washington—for the benefit of migratory birds like waterfowl, coot, snipe, mourning dove, band-tailed pigeon and others!

Wetland habitats throughout Washington are critical to not only our breeding populations, but birds that are visitors from Alaska, western Canada, and eastern Russia—more than 35 species! It is only through a network of wetlands that we sustain these populations into the future.

You contribute to this international effort every year by purchasing your Migratory Bird Permit!

But Did You Know? You and others can also promote waterfowl conservation through art!

By giving someone you know waterfowl artwork you pass along the story and importance of wetland stewardship. To learn more and continue this waterfowl legacy, please visit the WDFW website ( and see available artwork at Washington Waterfowl Association’s website (