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Game Bird Hunting

Game Bird Hunting

Goose & Swan Identification

Swans are Protected by Federal and State Laws and are Closed to Harvest

Swan, Tundra or Trumpeter

(White adult, gray juvenile, Protected Species)

Snow Geese are:

Smaller, with Shorter necks, and Black-tipped wings

Canada Goose


Canada (large)

Cackling (small)

White-fronted Goose

White Goose




blue phases

Comparison of Canada Geese

Washington has seven different subspecies of Canada Geese that winter in the state, primarily in the SW Washington. Coloration of Canada and Cackling Geese can vary between subspecies and individuals. For more detailed identification guidelines, please take the online goose identification test required to hunt Goose Management Area 2.

Canada Geese (Western Canada Goose pictured)

  • Large-bodied
  • Long neck, most noticeable in flight
  • Pronounced bill

Cackling Geese (Cackler pictured)

  • Small-bodied
  • Short neck, most noticeable in flight
  • Stubby bill
  • Typically in large flocks