Wild Turkey Seasons

Washington Bird Hunting

Bag Limit

Hunters who harvested two birds in eastern Washington during the spring CAN still participate in fall turkey seasons. Each season has a separate bag limit.

Hunting Hours for Turkeys

One-half hour before sunrise to sunset.


It is illegal to hunt turkeys with a weapon other than shotgun or muzzleloading shotgun shooting #4 or smaller shot (0.13 inches diameter or smaller), bow and arrow, or crossbow. See shot size diagram.


It is unlawful to use dogs, electronic calls, or electronic decoys to hunt turkey or baiting methods for game birds.


Turkey hunters will owe hunting activity reports (Spring and/or Fall) for each turkey transport tag purchased (see License Fees & Information).

If you purchase a turkey tag before the end of the spring season you must submit a spring hunting report. If you have an unfilled spring tag, or if you purchase a turkey tag after the end of the spring season, then you must submit a fall hunting report.

General Wild Turkey Seasons

License Required: A small game license and a valid turkey transport tag.

You will owe hunting activity reports (Spring and/or Fall) for each turkey transport tag purchased.


Season Dates


Bag Limit/Legal Bird

Fall General Seasons (statewide seasonal bag limit is four (4) turkeys with the following area restrictions)

Fall General Season Sept. 1-Dec. 31 101 through 154 and 162 through 186 Two (2) beardless and two (2) either sex turkeys
Sept. 26-Oct. 16 382, 388, 568 through 578 One (1) either sex turkey

Spring Seasons

Youth Only April 3-4, 2021 Statewide The combined spring/youth spring season limit is three (3) birds. Only two (2) turkeys may be killed in Eastern Washington, except only one (1) may be killed in Chelan, Kittitas, or Yakima counties. One (1) turkey may be killed per year in Western Washington outside of Klickitat County. Two (2) turkeys may be killed in Klickitat County.

Male turkeys and turkeys with visible beards only

Spring General Season April 15-May 31