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Ice Fishing

  1. Ice fishing for trout, salmon, and bass is allowed on the following lakes from the third Saturday in January to March 15.
  • Big Averill Lake, Norton and Averill
  • Big Salem Lake, Derby
  • Caspian Lake, Greensboro
  • Chittenden Reservoir, Chittenden
  • Crystal Lake, Barton
  • Echo Lake, Charleston
  • Echo Lake, Plymouth
  • Eden Lake, Eden
  • Elligo Lake, Craftsbury and Greensboro
  • Glen Lake, Castleton, Fair Haven, and Benson
  • Harriman Reservoir, Whitingham and Wilmington
  • Harveys Lake, Barnet
  • Island Pond, Brighton
  • Joes Pond, Cabot and Danville
  • Lake Bomoseen, Castleton and Hubbardton
  • Lake Dunmore, Leicester and Salisbury
  • Lake Fairlee, Thetford, West Fairlee, Fairlee
  • Lake Hortonia, Sudbury and Hubbardton
  • Lake Memphremagog (including South Bay), Coventry, Derby, Newport City, and Newport
  • Lake Morey, Fairlee
  • Lake Rescue, Ludlow
  • Lake St. Catherine, Wells and Poultney
  • Little Averill Lake, Averill
  • Little Salem Lake, Derby
  • Maidstone Lake, Maidstone
  • Marshfield Reservoir (Mollys Falls Reservoir), Cabot
  • Miles Pond, Concord
  • Nelson Pond (Forest Lake), Calais and Woodbury
  • Newark Pond, Newark
  • Norton Pond, Norton
  • Parker Pond, Glover
  • Peacham Pond, Peacham
  • Pensioner Pond, Charleston
  • Seymour Lake, Morgan
  • Shadow Lake, Glover
  • Somerset Reservoir, Somerset
  • Sunset Lake, Benson
  • Wallace Pond, Canaan
  • Waterbury Reservoir, Waterbury
  • Willoughby Lake, Westmore
  • Woodbury Lake (Sabin Pond), Calais and Woodbury