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Always Open, Always Free

Fishing access areas offer an easy way onto the water

Included in the department’s access program are

  • 171 fishing access areas that provide boat launches for watercraft
  • Fishing access areas on more than 130 unique bodies of water
  • 34 fishing access areas on Lake Champlain alone
  • 7 fishing access areas along the Connecticut River

Use our helpful interactive fishing access area map at to plan your next trip on the water!

Before you back down the ramp:

  1. “Load before you launch” — put all gear into your boat while in the parking lot, not on the ramp;
  2. Loosen any tie-downs, insert plug;
  3. Help STOP aquatic hitchhikers: CHECK, DRAIN, DRY. Make it a habit BEFORE launching and BEFORE leaving to carefully inspect and clean your vessel;
  4. Back down ramp, launch and secure your boat to dock or on shore;
  5. Immediately move and park your vehicle in the appropriate location.Remember:
    1. SWIMMING OR SUNBATHING at access areas is prohibited.

The state’s 196 fishing access areas are identifiable by signs like this. They are always free and open to anglers, hunters, trappers, and boaters.