A Special Message from the Commissioner

Hunting Regulations Icon Vermont Hunting

This year is an exciting one for our department, our partners, allies and friends.
As you know, this fall will usher in a comprehensive set of new deer hunting regulations which we and the Fish and Wildlife Board developed with input from sportsmen and women, landowners, and others. The goal of these regulations is to expand opportunity wherever possible, better manage deer populations and to continue having larger, older, bucks in Vermont.You will see that archery season has been expanded, we’ve narrowed the use of the antler point restriction to zones where it makes the most sense and gives us needed biological data, we have put in place a one buck limit, we’ve expanded crossbow use to all licensed hunters, and we have initiated a new novice season.

Together, we have restored species once nearly, or entirely, eliminated in Vermont, from turkey to bald eagles. I hope you will join us as we consider how best to continue that legacy, as we make sure fish and wildlife populations are healthy and abundant, and that there are ample opportunities for wildlife adventures of all kinds, from bird watching to trapping.

I hope you will enjoy your time in the woods.

See you afield,

Louis Porter, Commissioner