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Licenses & Fees

Recreational Hunting and Fishing Licenses

A recreational license or permit authorizes an activity involving wildlife resources that is conducted for sport, hobby, leisure, or other non-economic reasons.

ItemItem DescriptionEligiblePriceAvailable Online
101Resident HuntingResident$25.00Yes
102Senior Resident HuntingResident$7.00Yes
105General Non-Resident HuntingNon-Resident$315.00Yes
106Resident Trapper'sResident$19.00No
107Non-Resident Special HuntingNon-Resident$132.00Yes
111Super Combo PackageResident$68.00Yes
115Non-Resident TrapperNon-Resident$315.00No
117Res Sr Super Combo PackageResident$32.00Yes
118Non-Resident Spring Turkey HuntingNon-Resident$126.00Yes
120Non-Resident Banded Bird HuntingNon-Resident$27.00Yes
132Hunting Lease (Small)Resident and Non-Resident$79.00Yes
133Hunting Lease (Medium)Resident and Non-Resident$147.00Yes
134Hunting Lease (Large)Resident and Non-Resident$252.00Yes
135Archery Hunting EndorsementResident and Non-Resident$7.00Yes
137HIP CertificationResident and Non-ResidentFREEYes
138Federal Duck StampResident and Non-Resident$28.50Yes
148Alligator Import PermitResident and Non-Resident$105.00No
150State Park Standby Hunting Permit ExemptResident and Non-ResidentFREENo
157Non-Resident Five-Day Special HuntingNon-Resident$48.00Yes
160WMA Standby Hunting Permit ExemptResident and Non-ResidentFREENo
161WMA Standby Hunting Permit ($80)Resident and Non-Resident$80.00No
163State Park Standby Hunting Permit ($80)Resident and Non-Resident$80.00No
166Deferred Hunter Education OptionResident and Non-Resident$10.00Yes
167Upland Game Bird EndorsementResident and Non-Resident$7.00Yes
168Migratory Game Bird EndorsementResident and Non-Resident$7.00Yes
169Youth Hunting LicenseResident and Non-Resident$7.00Yes
173Annual Public Hunting PermitResident and Non-Resident$48.00Yes
175Limited Public Use PermitResident and Non-Resident$12.00Yes
177WMA Standby Hunting Permit ($130)Resident and Non-Resident$130.00No
178Reptile and Amphibian EndorsementResident and Non-Resident$10.00Yes
188Mentored Hunting Permit - ExemptResident and Non-ResidentFREENo
189Mentored Hunting Permit - $25Resident and Non-Resident$25.00No
190Regular Daily Hunting Permit - ExemptResident and Non-ResidentFREENo
191Regular Daily Hunting Permit - $20Resident and Non-Resident$20.00No
199State Park Standby Hunting Permit ($130)Resident and Non-Resident$130.00No
208Lake Texoma FishingResident and Non-Resident$12.00Yes
211Saltwater Sportfishing EndorsementResident and Non-Resident$10.00Yes
213Resident One-Day All-Water FishingResident$11.00Yes
214Non-Resident One-Day All-Water FishingNon-Resident$16.00Yes
231Resident Freshwater Fishing PackageResident$30.00Yes
232Resident Saltwater Fishing PackageResident$35.00Yes
233Resident All Water Fishing PackageResident$40.00Yes
234Senior Resident Freshwater Fishing PackageResident$12.00Yes
235Senior Resident Saltwater Fishing PackageResident$17.00Yes
236Senior Resident All Water Fishing PackageResident$22.00Yes
237Resident Year-From-Purchase All Water PkgResident$47.00Yes
244Special Resident All-Water Fishing (legally blind)Resident$7.00No
250NR Freshwater Fishing PackageNon-Resident$58.00Yes
251NR Saltwater Fishing PackageNon-Resident$63.00Yes
252NR All Water Fishing PackageNon-Resident$68.00Yes
256Freshwater Fishing EndorsementResident and Non-Resident$5.00Yes
257Exempt Angler TagResident and Non-Resident$3.00Yes
440Lifetime Combo License DrawingResident$5.00Yes
443* Texas Wild Hog AdventureResident and Non-Resident$10.00Yes
444* Texas Grand Slam DrawingResident and Non-Resident$10.00Yes
445* Texas Ultimate Mule Deer HuntResident and Non-Resident$10.00Yes
457* Texas Exotic SafariResident and Non-Resident$10.00Yes
459* Texas Whitetail BonanzaResident and Non-Resident$10.00Yes
460* Texas Waterfowl AdventureResident and Non-Resident$10.00Yes
461* Texas Big Time Bird HuntResident and Non-Resident$10.00Yes
463* Texas Premium Buck HuntResident and Non-Resident$10.00Yes
464* Texas Gator HuntResident and Non-Resident$10.00Yes
502Disabled Veteran Super ComboResident and Non-ResidentFREENo
503Resident Combo Hunting and Freshwater Fish PkgResident$50.00Yes
504Resident Combo Hunting and Saltwater Fish PkgResident$55.00Yes
505Resident Combo Hunting and All Water Fish PkgResident$60.00Yes
506Resident Combo Senior Hunting and Freshwater FishResident$16.00Yes
507Resident Combo Senior Hunting and Saltwater FishResident$21.00Yes
508Resident Combo Senior Hunting and All Water FishResident$26.00Yes
510Texas Resident Active Duty Military Super ComboResidentFREENo
511Texas Resident Active Military All-Water Fishing Pkg.ResidentFREENo
512Texas Resident Active Military Hunting Pkg.ResidentFREENo
548Res Nongame Collection PermitResident$19.00Yes
550Non-Res Nongame Collection PermitNon-Resident$63.00Yes
580Recreational Controlled Exotic Snake PermitResident and Non-Resident$20.00Yes
581Commercial Controlled Exotic Snake PermitResident and Non-Resident$60.00Yes
590** Federal Sandhill Crane PermitResident and Non-ResidentFREEYes
598One-Day Red Drum TagResident and Non-Resident$-Yes
599Bonus Red Drum TagResident and Non-Resident$3.00Yes
600Freshwater Fishing GuideResident and Non-Resident$132.00No
85015 Day Boater Ed DeferralResident and Non-Resident$10.00Yes
980Lifetime Resident Combination Hunting & Fishing PackageResident$1,800By application
981Lifetime Resident Hunting PackageResident$1,000By application
982Lifetime Resident Fishing PackageResident$1,000By application
983Lifetime Resident Hunting Upgrade to Combo PackageLifetime Resident Hunting License holder$800By application
984Lifetime Resident Fishing Upgrade to Combo PackageLifetime Resident Fishing License holder$800By application
990Lifetime Combo License TagsLifetime Resident Combo License holderFREEYes
991Lifetime Hunting License TagsLifetime Resident Hunting License holderFREEYes
992Lifetime Fishing License TagsLifetime Resident Fishing License holderFREEYes

* Big Time Texas Hunts available online for $9 per entry.
** Federal Sandhill Crane Permit is available at TPWD Austin Headquarters and Law Enforcement Offices located across the state during normal business hours. For phone requests during normal business hours, please call (800) 792-1112 or (512) 389-4820. After hours and on weekends, the Federal Sandhill Crane Permit can be obtained online. A $5 administrative fee applies to all online purchases.