Deer Seasons & Bag Limits

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Deer Seasons and Bag Limits

Antlered Deer: Male or female deer with at least one (1) antler that is a minimum of three (3) inches in length.

Antlerless Deer: Male or female deer with no antlers or with antlers that are less than three (3) inches in length.

Antlerless deer hunters may harvest up to the unit antlerless bag limit in each unit. Moving to a different county within the same deer hunting unit does not increase the hunter’s bag limit.

Archery equipment is legal during muzzleloader and gun seasons, muzzleloading equipment is legal during gun season.

Statewide Bag Limit: Two (2) antlered deer (one per day, not to exceed 2 for the license year). The statewide bag limit of two (2) antlered deer may be exceeded if taken as a bonus deer, if taken under the Earn-A-Buck Program in Unit CWD (see CWD in Tennessee), or if taken as a Replacement Buck (see  CWD in Tennessee).

Season Type

Season Dates

Antlerless Bag Limits

Units A, B, C and D

Unit L

Unit CWD

Unit A

Unit B

Unit C

Unit D

Unit L

Unit CWD

August1 Aug. 28 – 30 Closed
Archery (A) Sept. 26 – Oct. 30 and Nov. 2 – 6 4 4 4 4 3/day
Young Sportsman2 (G/M/A) Oct. 31 – Nov. 1 and Jan. 9 – 10 2 2 2 2 3/day
Muzzleloader/Archery (M/A) Nov. 7 – 20 none3 2 2 1 1 3/day
Gun/Muzzleloader/Archery (G/M/A)4 Nov. 21 – Jan. 3 Nov. 7 – Jan. 3 2 1 1
(Nov. 21 – Dec. 6 only)
(Nov. 21 – 27 only)
Private Lands Only5
Closed Jan. 4 – 8 Closed 3/day

Treestand Safety

The TWRA urges all deer hunters hunting from treestands to use a fall-restraint system. Most deer hunting accidents involve hunters falling from a treestand. Proper use of a fall-restraint system could prevent or lessen the severity of these accidents.