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Help Us Save Tennessee’s Premier Smallmouth Fisheries!

Smallmouth bass

The movement and illegal stocking of Alabama Bass outside their native range has caused serious issues for Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass fisheries across the southeast. It has been well documented that Alabama Bass prey on, hybridize with, and outcompete other bass species for habitat and food resources. High hybridization rates between species will eventually result in a population without any genetically pure smallmouth or largemouth. Once this occurs it can never be reversed and results in the loss of those species and the decline in the quality of that fishery. Alabama bass and their hybrids have been found in Parksville, Watts Bar, Chickamauga, and Nickajack reservoirs. TWRA has documented the displacement of Largemouth Bass in Parksville Reservoir; one of the first sites Alabama Bass were documented outside their range in Tennessee, and hybridization with Smallmouth Bass has been documented in Watts Bar Reservoir. By all accounts if Alabama Bass are introduced into Tennessee’s’ best bass fisheries, we stand to lose bass fishing as we know it. This type of stocking is illegal and if anyone has information regarding such activity please call the Hunting/Fishing Violation Numbers listed in TWRA Offices. Do Not Move Alabama Bass!