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South Carolina



Aquatic Education Program

The Aquatic Education Section of SCDNR offers FREE education programs on recreational fishing techniques, opportunities and angler ethics.

Here are some of the unique, fun fishing and learning opportunities available:

Family Fishing Clinics

Family Fishing Clinics are an introductory class to fishing. Families with kids ages 4 and up can learn how to tie fishing knots, rig a rod and reel, cast and try their hand at fishing.

Fishing Tackle Loaner Program

The tackle loaner program has sites all around the state in various state and county parks that allow adults, kids and families to try their hand at fishing. Checking out a rod, reel and tackle is free. Bring your own bait and pay the park entry fee and the fishing fun is free!

Youth Fishing Rodeos

Fishing Rodeos are designed to provide youth with opportunities to catch fish and spend time with family outdoors. Rodeos are recommended for kids ages 5-15 years old.

Trout in the Classroom

Teachers Take Note! Expose your students to a world of wonder. Let your students raise trout from eggs to fingerlings.

Youth Bass Fishing Clubs

The SCDNR, The Bass Federation of SC and B.A.S.S. have teamed up to help bring youth bass fishing clubs to schools around the state. Students can establish school bass fishing clubs to compete for prizes, scholarships and more on a club, state and national level.

To learn more about these education programs,


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