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Critter Kits & Hunter Education

New Wildlife Curriculum Resources for Educators

Beginning this fall, the Wildlife Outreach Program will be lending out free curriculum kits and learning resources for formal and informal K-8 educators through our “Rhody Critter Kits” program. Each kit contains lesson plans, activities, videos, hands-on learning materials, and other resources curated by our Wildlife Outreach staff, with special emphasis on Rhode Island’s wildlife species, conservation work, and management practices.

The kits are designed to connect students to the wildlife resources right in their own backyards and communities. Additionally, materials correlate to the Next Generation Science Standards to support formal educators and are perfect for Scout troops, youth librarians, homeschool groups, and informal educators of all kinds! Five different kits are currently available to educators focused on; bats, birds, habitat, herpetofauna (reptiles and amphibians), and wildlife management. The wildlife management kit, entitled “Keeping the Balance,” explores topics like game species management, carrying capacity, and the role regulated hunting and trapping play in maintaining ecosystem balance. Along with pelts, skulls and other natural artifacts, each kit includes interviews with state biologists doing research in the field! Plans are being developed by Wildlife Outreach staff to support educators through training workshops and hands-on experiences. Visit for information about how to borrow a kit and news on upcoming workshops. Free access to lesson plans, activities, and videos can also be found on this page. Please subscribe to our monthly outreach email or follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

Questions about the Rhody Critter Kits Program can be directed to

The Rhody Critter Kits Program is made possible through support from the Wildlife & Sport Fish Restoration Program and State Wildlife Grants. An enormous thank you to Rhode Island’s sportsmen and sportswomen for your support of wildlife conservation and our outreach efforts here at RIDFW!

2021-22 Hunter Education Program

Did you know that in addition to hunter safety courses, the Division of Fish and Wildlife’s Hunter Education Office also offers a wide variety of free, virtual and in person, educational programming for hunters conservationists and wildlife enthusiasts?

These programs range in topics and include game-specific hunting seminars, workshops designed to improve hunting techniques, and skills, and even wild game cooking classes! In one of our most popular programs, Deer Hunting Workshop, participants learn the basic biology of the white-tailed deer, how to find and track game signs in an outdoor setting, where and when to set up before the hunt and the proper techniques, tips, and tricks in order to successfully harvest a deer.

All workshops provide a great opportunity for anyone wishing to gain new skills in the outdoors! Find our complete list of workshops and events listed below:

  • Deer Hunting Workshop
  • Deer Processing Workshop
  • Firearms Familiarization Course*
  • Ground Blind Construction Hands on Workshop
  • Land Navigation Course*
  • Muzzleloader Beginners Course*
  • Practical Field Training
  • Small Game Mentored Hunt
  • Trapping Education Workshop
  • Tree Stand Safety Event
  • Turkey Hunting Workshop*
  • Waterfowl Hunting Workshop
  • Waterfowl ID Workshop
  • Wild Game Cooking Class
  • Wilderness First Aid*
  • Youth Turkey Hunting Event (with Matt
  • Light Foundation)
*offered virtually

For more Information on upcoming programs, please visit or email Madison Proulx,