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Rhode Island


Welcome to 2023-24 Rhode Island Hunting

2023 Rhode Island Hunting & Trapping Regulations Cover

Significant Regulation Changes & Highlights 2023-2024

  1. The North West Cooperative in Glocester is closed to hunting.
  2. In addition to private lands, deer decoys may now be used on state-owned Wildlife Management Areas during archery only deer seasons.
  3. Deer hunters may use one (1) dog to aid in the recovery of deer. See Deer Hunting for details.
  4. Shooting hours for all segments of the dove season are one half (1/2) hour before sunrise until sunset.
  5. Dove bag limit may include Eurasian collared doves in aggregate.
  6. Shooting hours for pheasant and small game hunting on opening day and all other hunting days starts at sunrise.
  7. The Heritage Property on Prudence Island is closed to small game hunting during the archery only deer season.
  8. The minimum amount of goose decoys required to be on the SSMA premises has been reduced from 24 to 12.
  9. Mallard bag limit has been increased to four (4) of which two (2) may be hen mallards.
  10. The brant season has been reduced to 30 days seen on Migratory Bird Hunting. The bag limit for brant has also been reduced to one (1).
  11. Applications for Block Island and USFWS hunting lottery (Trustom Pond NWR) must be submitted by September 15th. The Block Island lottery applications are available at The USFWS lottery applications are available at
  12. There are new cooperative hunting properties open to deer hunting seen on State Lands & Canada Goose Map.